Most Popular RV Atlas Podcast Episodes of 2021

The RV Atlas Podcast
Most Popular RV Atlas Podcast Episodes of 2021

Let’s take a look at our most popular RV Atlas episodes from 2021! When we look at a year’s worth of podcasting data, it reveals some interesting things about us, our podcast, and the state of camping and RVing. 

Last year we noticed that our campground reviews (by us and our correspondents) were becoming more popular. Eleven of our fourteen top episodes in 2020 were campground reviews. That trend continued this year. Our RV Atlas campground reviews are more popular than ever–several years after we shut down The Campground of the Week podcast!

Here is the list of our most downloaded episodes, and it’s full of campground reviews!

To hear more about the most popular RV Atlas podcast episodes of 2021, click PLAY on the podcast player above or look for The RV Atlas wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

#14 Return to Moose Hillock

We had fun at Moose Hillock even though the weather was not very good. We’ve struggled with the weather before, but camping is still fun if you are flexible. We were able to go for a hike between rain showers, and we also took a boat tour. (Listen to the Episode Here)

#13 Northern California Beach Camping

This was part of a two part series with Lauren Eber from A Fam with a Van. We talked with her about great campgrounds up and down the California coast.  Lauren is a native Californian with lots of great tips for food, fun, and outdoor adventure. (Listen to the Episode Here)

#12 Ten Must See Spots in Great Smoky Mountains National Park with DJ Odom

Initially, we wanted him to do “Ten Great Spots for Photography” because he is a great photographer. Then, we thought, why not just make it ten favorite spots for anyone. GSMNP is the most popular national park in the country, so there is no surprise here!  (Listen to the Episode Here)

#11 Jellystone Delaware Beaches

This is a campground in transition. It was a very fun Jellystone with very nice RV sites, but it is being turned into more of a full-on RV resort. We think this one is on its way to being great! (Listen to this Episode Here)

#10 Jellystone Guadaloupe River with Shellie Bailey Shah

Shellie loved this Jellystone in Texas, and I think that having two Jellystone campground reviews in the top 14 list speaks to the popularity of the brand and to the fact that we still have a core listenership of family campers that are weekend warriors. Jellystone has a stronghold in Texas, and this is one of the best ones in the state. (Listen to this Episode Here)

#9 Five Amazing Georgia State Park Campgrounds with Gretchen Holcombe

Gretchen from Boxy Colonial on the Road brought us three of the top episodes this year. Gretchen is a Georgia native, and she knows her Georgia state parks. We love this roundup style of podcast so much. (Listen to this Episode Here)

#8 The Newburg KOA with Phil Travaglia

Phil always brings lots of camping love and camping joy to his appearances! He loves this place and his enthusiasm bursts through. Phil has confessed to listening to his own episodes three or four hundred times. That may be why it showed up in the top ten. It could also be the fact that this campground is not very far from New York City. (Listen to this Episode Here)

#7 Camping Hacks from the RV Atlas Group

This episode breaks the trend! It is not a campground review. It’s a whole episode about RVing hacks, especially packing and food hacks. This is Jeremy’s favorite episode of the year. We asked the members of our Facebook group for their hacks, and boy did they deliver! (Listen to this Episode Here)

To hear more about the most popular RV Atlas podcast episodes of 2021, click PLAY on the podcast player above or look for The RV Atlas wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

#6 RV Hacks with Marc and Julie Bennett

These are the types of podcasts that would have topped the chart before travel and campground reviews took over. I interviewed Marc and Julie from RV LoveWe discussed their wonderful book, RV Hacks, and they gave us some great ideas for making camping in an RV easier, and more fun. (Listen to this Episode Here)

#5 Robert Treman State Park with Ellen Dominus Broude

Our friend Ellen from Frida the Airstream shared her love for this park near Ithaca, NY. It’s a beautiful place where you can experience Enfield Gorge which has twelve waterfalls. I first met Ellen on my Go RVing show, “6 Things I Love About My RV” and I knew that I had to have her on the show! (Listen to this Episode Here)

#4 North Beach Campground in Burlington, Vermont

New England, and particularly Vermont, is where our love of RVing began. This campground is right in Burlington and offers a cool urban experience for those that want great food, great beer, and great shopping. This is another one of Gretchen Holcombe’s episodes–a podcasting hat trick if there ever was one!! (Listen to the Episode Here)

#3 Four Amazing Campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest with Tyler and Kendra

Tyler and Kendra are amazing content creators, writers, photographers, and cooks. They do it all, and they were so good on this podcast. They give five great campground reviews for anyone visiting the Pacific Northwest. Each one of these campgrounds sounds amazing! (Listen to this Episode Here)

#2 The Townsend KOA with Casita Dean May

Dean and Lauren have been having some amazing adventures. We need to get them back on the show, really, really soon!. This is another episode for those who want to visit America’s most visited national park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (Listen to this Episode Here)

#1 Four Mile Creek, Niagara Falls with Gretchen Holcombe

It’s Gretchen again with another big episode! We need to give her a prize. Also, a lot of people must be visiting Niagara Falls. Four Mile Creek sounds like a winner to us!  (Listen to the Number One Episode Here)

It was so fun to take a look back at the most popular RV Atlas podcast episodes of 2021! This year we had a lot of travel and campground-related content in the top episodes. People must enjoy hearing about the joys of travel and camping. It’s nice to hear about beautiful places and adventures with family instead of always focusing on gear and expensive RVs.

We hope these episodes will inspire you to get planning for your RV travels in 2022!

See You at the Campground,

Stephanie + Jeremy


The RV Atlas Podcast
Most Popular RV Atlas Podcast Episodes of 2021

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