RV Atlas Year in Review! Our Most Downloaded Episodes

The RV Atlas Podcast
RV Atlas Year in Review! Our Most Downloaded Episodes

Happy New Year everyone!! We typically wrap up a year of podcasting with an episode dedicated to our travel highlights from the past year. But this year got a little complicated didn’t it? We had great moments traveling, but not exactly enough to sift through them and chose from them. As Stephanie says in today’s year-end wrap up podcast–every time we travelled was a highlight!

So instead we decided to share our favorite podcasts from the year, and our most downloaded podcasts from the year! If you missed any of these you might want to head back and take a listen. Because for one reason or another–these episodes resonated with people. Typically, our campground reviews do not end up being the most downloaded episodes of the year. These are great episodes, but sometimes people pick and choose which ones they listen to based on where they live or where they might go on an upcoming trip. Understandable, of course. But this year that paradigm got tossed out the window. Campground reviews dominated our top ten list! We think that this can be explained quite easily. There were so many new RV owners this summer–and they wanted to know where to go!

Our personal favorites from the year overlap quite a bit. This was also surprising to us because we don’t always agree on these types of things:)

Without further ado–here are the top ten most downloaded episodes of The RV Atlas in 2021! Followed by Stephanie’s five personal favorites and Jeremy’s five personal favorites. Links are included to the show notes for each!

10 Most Downloaded Episodes

  1. Campground Review: Castaways RV Resort
  2. Campground Review: Anchor Down RV Resort 
  3. Campground Review: Moose Hillock, NY 
  4. Campground Review: Carolina Pines RV Resort
  5. 5 RV Trends for 2020
  6. Campground Review: Estes Park Campground at Mary’s Lake
  7. 2020 Camping Trends “What’s Hot What’s Not”
  8. RV Newbie Stock Up List
  9. The Campground 411: Understanding Different Types of Campgrounds
  10. Small Bunkhouse Round Up with Kerri Cox

Stephanie’s Five Favorite Episodes

  1. Trip Planning: RV, RV Rentals, Cabins, or Lodge
  2. Zion National Park Trip Planner with Lauren Eber
  3. 12 Tips for RVing During a Pandemic
  4. RVing in Iceland
  5. Subpar Parks: National Parks and Their One Star Reviews

Jeremy’s Five Favorite Episodes

  1. Fort Wilderness VS Wilderness Lodge
  2. Underrated Series –Michigan, NY, Indiana, Arkansas, Virginia
  3. 12 Tips for RVing During a Pandemic
  4. RVing in Iceland
  5. CCC podcast
  6. Subpar Parks with Amber Share

Happy New Year Everyone!! The RV Atlas podcast will be back on February 1st!



The RV Atlas Podcast
RV Atlas Year in Review! Our Most Downloaded Episodes

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