12 Ways to Beat the RV Winterization Blues

The RV Atlas Podcast
12 Ways to Beat the RV Winterization Blues

Today, we are here to help you overcome the RV wInterization blues with 12 new tips for 2022!  We have seen the sad posts on the Facebook group of our RVing friends injecting the pink drink of death into your rigs. The doldrums of winter are about to set in. You wish all of you much holiday cheer–but after January 1st, we know that things may get tough.

We are well aware of the deep profound sadness that comes with winterizing your RVS! That’s why we’ve made seven episodes about the winterization blues over the years!

We have created a list of things to do, things to watch, things to listen to, and things to purchase that are going to help you get through the winter. So, here it is: 12 ways to beat the winterization blues!

To hear more about these ways to overcome the RV winterization blues, click on the media player above or look for The RV Atlas wherever you find your favorite podcasts!

Go Outside and Build a Fire.

During cold winter nights, Jeremy likes to sit in the backyard with his little wood stove, the Solo Stove Ranger. He has been reading The Little Book of Building Fires: How to Chop, Scrunch, Stack and Light a Fire by Sally Coulthard. This is an adorable book about campfires. Among other things, she discusses ways to build a good fire, the smells of different kinds of wood, and what to use as kindling.

Listen to our podcast from 2019 about 7 Awesome Camping Related Shows on Disney+.

This episode lists several great shows that will keep you entertained all winter long. So, pop some popcorn and curl up under a fuzzy blanket to watch Free Solo, Yellowstone Cubs, Mickey’s Trailer from 1978, or Into the Grand Canyon. Also, The Beatles by Steve Jackson documentary that came out recently called Get Back is very good if you are a Beatles fan.

Don’t Put Your Camping Griddle Away!

You may have done your RV winterization, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack up your griddle. We always enjoy cooking on the griddle during the winter months. It’s a great time for experimenting!  Check out Todd Toven’s show Let’s Give It a Try! We learned a lot from his episode about how to make stir fry on your griddle.

Also, we’ve discovered another Youtube cooking show that we love. It’s called Destination Delicious. It’s Blackstone’s new RV cooking show. Spencer and Kristi are super fun. It will give you some new ideas for the Blackstone! We can’t wait to try their recipe for nachos on the griddle.

Plan a Moochdocking Trip.

Who needs campgrounds? Find sites where only YOU can camp. Address the crowded campground situation (and the fact that many are closed for winter) by tapping into your own personal network of friends, family, and fools.  Hey, Cousin Kevin has a house across the street from a gorgeous state park lake—we’re coming to camp on your front lawn, buddy!

Download the new National Park Service App 

One way to beat the RV winterization blues is to get busy planning future travels. We have to give credit to ROVA. They introduced us an app that lists nearby national parks and helps you explore other types of NPS units. The list is incredible. Check it out here.

Go Winter Camping.

It is possible to camp in the winter. We have a whole podcast about camping in the winter. Also, you can go somewhere warm in your RV and skip out on some of those winter blues. We know people who take their winterized camper from Michigan to Florida, and they dewinterize when they get there.

Watch Patrick Botticelli Renovate his 1961 Airstream.

This entire YouTube series on renovating a 1961 Airstream Bambi is a joy to watch. Patrick just completed this incredible 2.5 year renovation and restoration.  He says lockdown shaved off about 2 years from the project. I think during lockdown Patrick just basically went bonkers on this project–like it was a full time job. His channel on YouTube is called New Jersey Outdoor Adventures. His finished Bambi project is awe-inspiring. We loved the series and we were lucky enough to see this iconic Airstream in person!


Get Outside

You have to go outside. Right? We give some variation of this tip on every winterization blues episode. When you walk outside, you need good gloves. Jeremy recently bought his favorite pair of gloves ever. Outdoor Research makes the Flurry Gloves with sensor fingertips. These gloves aren’t too thick or too thin. They are made of Alpin-Wool on the outside and soft fleece on the inside. Love ’em!!


Listen to Podcasts.

For great walks in the great outdoors you need great podcasts!

We know some of you love How I Built This with Guy Raz on NPR, and we want to actually direct you to 2 specific interviews about CEOs of great outdoors companies.The September 7th interview with Rad Power Bikes’ Mike Radenbaugh. He’s the 32 year old CEO of this ebike company. He has basically been working on ebikes and RAD his entire adult life. We recently tried power bikes and loved them. What a thrill!


Also, dig back deeper to December 25th, 2017. Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, inspired us in so many ways about how to live life, how to run our business, creating something that is built to last, and owning less and doing more with it.

In addition, there is a new podcast by the name of Hello, Nature. This 8-episode series about diversity, or the lack thereof, in our national parks is produced by REI. The host visits different national parks.

Attend Spirit of the Road Festival at Siawannee 

Stephanie will be in Live Oak, Florida, at he Siawannee Music Park during the Spirit of the Road Festival from the 9th to the 13th of March. The rally is four days of programming, including RV master classes and live music. There will also be activities for kids and families.

We hope these 12 ways to conquer, destroy, and overcome the winterization blues help get you through the cold months ahead. Spring is just around the corner!

The RV Atlas Podcast
12 Ways to Beat the RV Winterization Blues

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