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05 Apr
White Chicken Chili at the Campground

White Chicken Chili at the Campground

We’ve got a pretty long history with this white chicken chili. About twenty years ago, Jeremy and I spent a lot of time in Ohio. I was going to college in Michigan and Jeremy would drive out for long weekends at our friends’ house in Akron. Andrea and Mark were such wonderful hosts to us, stepping in as our college Mom and Dad, and they would spend all weekend feeding us the comfort foods we needed so desperately. One of Andrea’s favorite meals at the time was a White Chicken Chili, and we enjoyed it often enough that it... Read More
22 Mar
Which Blackstone Griddle is Right For You?

Which Blackstone Griddle is Right For You?

Last spring I bought my first Blackstone Griddle. The 22″ Tabletop Griddle to be exact. I am an amateur cook trying to make up for years of letting my hard-working wife take care of all of the food prep and cooking…both at home and at the campground.  Learning to cook has been incredibly exciting, but overwhelming at the same time. I love gear and equipment that makes cooking easier for me, and from what I had read and watched online, the Blackstone Griddles could “make a mediocre cook great.” I was just hoping that it... Read More
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