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Unboxing the MyMayu Boots for Toddlers and Kids

Our boys want out of the RV the second they wake up in the morning. We pretty much have to sit on them until campground quiet hours end at 8 am. Then BANG, the camper door slams open and the day has begun. Anyone who camps knows that no matter how beautiful the weather, the ground is usually wet in the morning. We have struggled with this problem for years. If we put on the boys’ sneakers, then the shoes end up being wet for the day. If we let them run barefoot, their feet get filthy and need to be washed. Ugh. The MyMayu kid’s... Read More
07 May
Unboxing the Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill

Unboxing the Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill

If you listened to our Spring Gear Guide Podcast, you know that Jeremy’s pick for best in show was the Toas-Tite. As soon as we started experimenting with this campfire cooking toy, we just couldn’t stop ourselves. I’m going to admit it…we even had Toas-Tite tuna melts last night for dinner. And then there was the night we had Reubens. Oh, and the breakfast burritos… Trust us, this little cast aluminum treasure can be addicting. Check out our most recent YouTube Unboxing of the Toas-Tite for all the details about... Read More

Unboxing the Spring Gear Guide: Night Stick Dual Light with Dual Magnets

On podcast Episode #31, the Spring Gear Guide, we reviewed over a dozen products that we highly recommend for the RVing family. Then we realized that even though we write about these products and talk about these products, people still want to see them in action. Enter YouTube. We started publishing short, simple unboxing videos last week, showing off the Camp Casual 12-piece dish set. This week we are moving onto another product, the Night Stick Dual Light with Dual Magnets. The price point of almost $30 can seem expensive, so in this video... Read More
28 Apr
Is Luray, Virginia the South’s Most Underrated RV Destination?

Is Luray, Virginia the South’s Most Underrated RV Destination?

WHERE TO CAMP:  I must confess, Luray, Virginia used to be a place where we crashed for the night on our way to visit family in Asheville. But in recent years we have extended our stays there–and for good reason.  It is a remarkable RV Destination in its own right that is blessed with two campgrounds that we love and adore.  Jellystone Luray and the Luray KOA couldn’t be more different if they tried–but we love them both.  The Jellystone is action packed and Disney-like for young kids and the KOA is lovely and peaceful.... Read More
26 Apr
Choose Your Own Outdoor Adventure in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Choose Your Own Outdoor Adventure in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Be honest…outdoor adventure in Myrtle Beach sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, right? Most people think of “The Strip” when picturing Myrtle Beach and imagine a boardwalk lined with hotels, rides, and arcade games. But the real reason we decide to go back to Myrtle Beach year after year? Stunning natural beauty. Surprised? We were, too. We never expected to find gorgeous State Parks, botanical gardens, and wild swamps just a short drive away from all the bustling boardwalk attractions. So when your family visits this great... Read More

Unboxing the Spring Gear Guide: Camp Casual 12-Piece Dish Set

So sometimes we feel that writing about products and talking about products just doesn’t quite satisfy our audience. You all want to see the gear we are recommending, right? So in walks the RV Family Travel Atlas YouTube channel. Yup, it now exists…so head on over and check us out. We are going to keep it pretty simple: unboxing the products that we review on our blog and podcast, showing how we use gear at the campground, and demonstrating our simple tips and tricks for practical things like cooking and organizing the RV. We... Read More
20 Apr
Wild and Crazy Boardwalk Fun, Minutes from the Myrtle Beach KOA

Wild and Crazy Boardwalk Fun, Minutes from the Myrtle Beach KOA

The word camping usual brings to mind quiet, natural settings far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But sometimes our family wants to be right in the middle of the action when we travel in our RV. As we mentioned in our campground review, the best thing about the Myrtle Beach KOA is that you don’t have to choose. This campground is a wooded retreat just steps away from all the excitement of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. There are enough miniature golf courses, amusement parks, and fun houses in Myrtle Beach to keep your... Read More

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