18 Holiday Gifts for Campers (Mostly!) Under $50

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18 Holiday Gifts for Campers (Mostly!) Under $50

Holiday shopping season is upon us and it is time to pick out some awesome gifts for the campers on our lists. This year we focused on choosing gifts for campers that (for the most part) come in at under $50. Just because a gift is affordable doesn’t mean that it can’t be memorable and fun. We think that all of these gifts for campers pack a serious punch and most of them can be enjoyed year around. Also included are two “RV Atlas Classics” from previous gift guides. These gifts have stood the test of time and are perennial favorites in our family and among our podcast listeners.

Without further ado–here is this year’s RV Atlas holiday gift guide. Let us know what gifts you pick out for your loved ones–and what gifts you might get for yourselves!

Gifts for Campers Under $50

2024 National Park Foundation Wall Calendar ($7.15)

The National Park Foundation is the official charity of America’s National Parks and they partner with our publisher, Sourcebooks, every year to put out an excellent National Parks Calendar. This year’s calendar features stunning photos of Joshua Tree, Zion, Mount Rainier, and nine other national parks. Each month’s photo will inspire you to plan your next great adventure to one of our magnificent National Parks.

A companion National Park Foundation day planner is also available from Sourcebooks.

Life is Better at the Campsite RV Sketch Mug ($8.99)

We love to give gifts that can be used year around and for years to come. This adorable “Life is Better at the Campsite” Sketch Mug will keep camping season alive all winter long with its cute drawings of just about every kind of RV. Camco makes an entire series of super cute LIBATC mugs–but this one is our clear favorite. It is a fairly large mug which is great for big cups of coffee on cold winter mornings!

Spot It! Camping Card Game RV Atlas Classic ($9.99)

Spot It! is probably our all-time favorite game to keep in the camper. It is compact and affordable–and most importantly–it is tons of fun for the whole family. The camping edition has camping-centric icons (think lanterns, tents, and campfires) that players have to match up to win sets of cards. Spot It! is fast paced and can be played again and again without your kids getting bored. This is a perfect game for rainy days in the RV or for after dinner on the picnic table.

Where Should We Camp Next? Books ($9 to $12 Each)

The Where Should We Camp Next? series makes a perfect trilogy of books for the campers on your list that love planning trips. Purchase them together or separately and give the gift of adventure all year long!

Where Should We Camp Next? is a captivating journey through 300+ of America’s most breathtaking camping destinations! Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the camping scene, this guide offers invaluable insights and inspiration to help you plan your next camping adventure with ease.

Packed with insider tips and expert recommendations, this comprehensive book is the perfect companion for campers, road trippers, and adventurers seeking unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors. From hiking scenic trails and spotting wildlife to fishing, kayaking, and stargazing, this book is your gateway to unforgettable experiences in the wilderness.

**USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Award Winner**

Where Should We Camp Next? National Parks features 300+ of the best camping and glamping spots in and around national parks, seashores, monuments, and more! A delightful Christmas gift for National Park lovers, campers, and the outdoorsy people in your life!

The national parks of the United States have been called “America’s best idea,” and some of the best camping and glamping experiences our country has to offer can be found in and around National Park Service units, including national parks, seashores, monuments, lakeshores, and battlegrounds. Whether you’re camping close to home or gathering ideas for an epic American road trip, the in-depth profiles of more than three hundred amazing outdoor accommodation destinations in fifty National Park Service units will help you find the best places to park your RV, pitch your tent, or explore creative and memorable glamping opportunities.

Where Should We Camp Next? Camping 101 is a family-friendly guide to camping in RVs, cabins, tents, and more―because the best memories are the ones made around the campfire

More and more people are excited about getting outdoors and experiencing adventures in nature with their family and friends, and whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned pro Where Should We Camp Next?: Camping 101 is the best resource to learn more about the camping lifestyle! From planning road trip itineraries, deciding where to camp, and discovering unique attractions and activities in fascinating destinations, Where Should We Camp Next?: Camping 101 is a beautifully illustrated camping book for adults packed with personal anecdotes, packing lists, campground recommendations, and recipes that will help you create a one-of-a-kind vacation on a family-friendly budget.

Buc-ee’s Famous Beaver Nuggets ($12.39)

The RV Atlas group on Facebook is filled with Buc-ee’s fans that can’t get enough of their clean toilets and brisket sandwiches. We will be the first to confess that we always end up filling up a few shopping bags with snacks and merch on every single trip to the world’s wildest gas station. They may not have a gas station in New Jersey yet, but we recently discovered that we can get most of our favorite Buc-ee’s treats at their Amazon shop. Beaver Nuggets for the holidays anyone?

Easy Camping Cocktails: Pre-Batch Recipes for Tasty, On-the-Go Drinks ($14.99)

Tucker Ballister’s Easy Camping Cocktails: Pre-Batch Recipes for Tasty, On-the-Go Drinks would make a perfect stocking stuffer for those that love to enjoy a cocktail around the campfire. This charming little book includes chapters on “Cocktail Classics,” “Fruity and Sweet Cocktails,” and “Hot and Frozen Cocktails” among others.

If Not You, Who? Smokey Bear Tin Sign ($14.99)

This 12.5″W x 16″H tin sign makes a perfect gift for the Smokey Bear fan on your holiday list. But seriously, what camper isn’t a Smokey Bear fan? We have had one of these tin signs in our office for years and it definitely brings a distinct camping vibe into our work space. But a tin sign like this would also be a great gift for the camping kids on your list.

Smokey Bear 10 Inch Stuffed Animal by Aurora ($20.25)

The littlest campers on your list will love this adorable Smokey Bear stuffed animal by Aurora. It depicts Smokey as a younger (but still serious) bear. This depiction of Smokey is soft and fluffy to the touch and will be loved by any child–but it will also serve to teach them a valuable listen about stewardship and safety. “If not you, who?”

Victorinox Swiss Classic Foldable Pairing Knife ($23.19)

This wavy-edged foldable knife from Victorinox has been a go-to in our camp kitchen this year. We love foldable knifes because they are safe and compact for RV storage and because they are safe to have around kids. It comes in a variety of colors including the classic red (pictured above) that will match your trusty Swiss Army knife.

The Original Grydlmat for Blackstone 22″ Griddles ($24.99)

We have been testing out our 22″ Grydlmat since last spring and we are very pleased with the results. When our Blackstone griddle is not in use for a few weeks at a time we make sure to cover it up with the Grydlmat. It fits like a glove. It protects the griddle surface from rusting and getting funky when not in use. When we pull it off to start cooking again the surface is clean and ready to go–just like we left it!

The Grydlmat is also available for other Blackstone sizes–so don’t fret if you have a 17 inch griddle–or one of the larger models in your backyard.

Coleman Classic Single Burner Butane Stove ($27.99)

Our camping buddy and podcast correspondent Phil Travaglia recommended this little single burner camping stove to us a few years ago. We bought one but then never used it until this fall. But now we are using it all of the time. It is the perfect stove to use with our Omnia Camping Oven, and it is also a great side burner to use when we are doing most of our cooking on the Blackstone and don’t need a larger two-burner camp stove. The Butane cartridges also work well and are pretty affordable at the time of this writing.

Life is Better at the Campsite Nesting Bowl Set ($44.99)

Having a good set of nesting bowls in your RV is an absolute necessity. We love these “Life is Better at the Campsite” nesting bowls because of their retro colors, camping graphics, and excellent quality. Whether you are stirring up pancake mix, mixing up a salad, or putting out some chips and dip–these bowls have you got you covered. Each bowl also comes with a sealable lid which makes them perfect for leftovers. Use coupon code RVATLAS10 to get 10 percent off your entire order at camcooutdoors.com.

Gifts for Campers Over $50

Estwing Fireside Friend Special Edition w/ Genuine Leather Grip RV Atlas Classic ($57.24)

The Estwing Fireside Friend Special Edition is not just a camp axe, it is an indestructible splitting tool (made of solid American steel) that will help make your campfires burn brighter and warmer. The 4lb. head allows you to split pieces of firewood with ease. Smaller pieces of firewood burn faster too. So your campfire will be up and running in no time. The 14″ Fireside Friend has a hand sharpened edge and is made in America, so there is nothing not to love about it. This is a piece of gear that you can, and should, pass on to your children someday.

Omnia Kit 1 Camping Oven and Accessories ($169.99)

Want to do some baking at the campground but don’t have a stove? The Omnia Camp Oven Kit 1 comes with great accessories and will let you bake (or cook) your heart out at the campground. This versatile circular oven is also great for campers who don’t have a built-in oven, since it is super easy to transport and to use.

The Omnia Stovetop Oven has three pieces: a steel base, which is circular and moves heat around the bottom of the pan; the aluminum Omnia pan, which has special holes to direct the heat upward; and a lid, which pushes the heat back down. This creates a great baking oven. You’ll recognize the Omnia by its iconic circular shape and its red lid. The Kit 1 (see link above) also comes with a Silicone Mold, Potholders, a Baking Grid and a Storage Bag.

What makes the Omnia special is how evenly the device heats and how many different types of meals and snacks you can make using it! Bon appetite!

Yoke Chuck Box Camp Kitchen ($329.00)

This American-made Chuck Box Camp Kitchen by Yoke Outdoors has become a real favorite around RV Atlas headquarters these past few months. It has room inside to store just about everything we need to make a feast at the campground and includes a drawer for silverware and another small drawer that is great for cleaning supplies and can openers etc. The top also serves as a table for our two-burner camp stove and the lid is removable and can be used as a sink to wash dishes. This is a terrific product made by a family-owned small business based out of Minnesota and we love every inch of it.









The RV Atlas Podcast
18 Holiday Gifts for Campers (Mostly!) Under $50

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