Get Outside This Winter! (Ginny Yurich from 1000 Hours Outside)

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Get Outside This Winter! (Ginny Yurich from 1000 Hours Outside)

Many RV owners go into hibernation mode after winterizing their RVs. But we want you to get outside this winter and get yourselves ready for an epic year of adventure in 2024. One way to stay active during the winter months is to keep camping! Here are 16 great tips for winter camping from the RV Atlas blog and podcast. Another great way to stay active this winter is join the 1000 Hours Outside movement founded and led by Ginny Yurich from the terrific website and podcast of the same name.

Ginny is a force of nature and a great inspiration to us here at the RV Atlas. She invited us to be on her show last spring and we had an absolute blast talking to her. We knew we had to have her on our show right away. Ginny loves the great outdoors and inspiring others to get outside–and she is also a passionate camper. Her family owns a pop up camper and loves to camp in and around their home state of Michigan. On today’s episode we are going to talk about a bunch of inspiring topics with Ginny–and we sure hope you join us for the fun!

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1000 Hours Outside

The concept behind 1000 Hours Outside is that children and their families should do exactly that–spend 1000 hours outside every year. When Ginny started her program the average child was spending about 1200 hours a year online–so why not counter that by trying to spend 1000 hours outside? Ginny was partly inspired by 18th century educator Charlotte Mason who believed that that children “should be outside for 4-6 hours on every tolerable day.”  Her mission and her credo modernizes this message for the first generation of parents who are raising their kids in a world that is oversaturated with social media, video games, and a torrent of addictive content that is keeping our kids away from their best lives in the great outdoors.

Until the Streetlights Come On

Jeremy and Ginny also spend some time on this week’s podcast talking about her wonderful new book, Until the Streetlights Come On: How a Return to Play Brightens Our Present and Prepares Kids For an Uncertain FutureDuring our interview Ginny said that she hopes that “this book is a message of hope.” We would like to confirm that it absolutely is a message of hope for anyone that believes in the power of the great outdoors. With chapters on the power of boredom, how play enhances social skills, and creating learning that lasts–this book will help you take a deep breath and think about what matters the most to you and your family.

Get Outside This Winter!

We round out our interview with Ginny by talking about some tips and tricks for getting outside this winter. Ginny and her family live in Michigan and they love to get outside in the winter. She shares her tips for taking great day trips in cold weather and having the right clothing to make it fun. Ginny believes that there is nothing more magical than a bonfire in the winter months–and we couldn’t agree more.

If you want to spend more time outside this winter–and in 2024–make sure you grab a copy of Ginny’s book and subscribe to her podcast! We promise that you will love them both!


The RV Atlas Podcast
Get Outside This Winter! (Ginny Yurich from 1000 Hours Outside)

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