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18 Aug
Catching the Spirit of Vermont at the Quechee/Pine Valley KOA

Catching the Spirit of Vermont at the Quechee/Pine Valley KOA

The Green Mountain State calls us back again and again in the summertime.  The days are warm enough for swimming in lakes and rivers, and the nights are cool and comfortable.  It’s perfect weather for curling up around the campfire with a blanket and book…and sleeping with all the windows open. But this heavenly New England weather doesn’t last long, and if you blink you will miss it. So where do we camp in Vermont when we want to escape the humidity of the Mid-Atlantic states? Two years ago we discovered a little gem of a... Read More

Thank You Vermont. We Can’t Wait to Come Back.

We came home from Vermont over two weeks ago, but part of me still feels like I’m there.   It was one of my favorite road trips of all time–and I’ve been on a few.  Here are my top ten reasons for still wanting to say thank you to Vermont: 1.  For your family friendly hikes and swims filled with beauty and adventure. 2.  For your underrated roadside barbecue joints.  Vermont, the South has nothing on you! 3.  For making me feel like Wordsworth ambling around the Lake District on golden summer days.  I’ll take... Read More
31 Aug
Future Summer Camp Prospects? VINS, Quechee, Vermont

Future Summer Camp Prospects? VINS, Quechee, Vermont

On our last morning in Vermont, we decided to let the campers stretch their legs before the long car ride home and headed to VINS, the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, which was right up the road from our campground. The center is perfectly designed to blend in with its natural surroundings, and the parking lot, buildings, and educational areas don’t distract from the beauty of the landscape. * The boys watched the songbirds being fed, and particularly enjoyed a visit to the bird hospital. The signs warned them to be quiet in the... Read More

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