The Perfect Al Fresco Lunch: Trap Door Bakehouse, Quechee, Vermont

When the boys were younger, say one and two years old, we considered finding restaurants with picnic tables equivalent to winning the lottery. Meals were so much more enjoyable with a little more room to breathe and a little more space for the noise to carry.

Now that they are older and a very wee bit calmer, we do okay at inside tables. But a place like the Trap Door Bakery and Cafe makes you question why you would ever eat indoors again.

This place served up the perfect midday meal, allowing us to assemble our own tasting menu of frittata and cold thai noodles and cucumber soup and layered eggplant. Oh, and scones and cookies and croissants.

The food was delicious, and my mother and I look a little sheepish being caught with only crumbs left on the plates.

Truthfully though, the blue sky, white clouds, sun, flowers and water views may have made the food taste even better.

Thanks to the owner, Theodora, for providing the perfect space for our clan and the perfect food for our palates.  I sincerely hope she is not out of her spanakopita the next time we come into town.

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