The 10th Anniversary Season of The RV Atlas Podcast+RV Trends

The RV Atlas Podcast
The 10th Anniversary Season of The RV Atlas Podcast+RV Trends

The Tenth Anniversary Season of The RV Atlas!

2024 marks the tenth anniversary season of The RV Atlas podcast which first launched on September 20th, 2024. On this week’s episode of the podcast we kick off the anniversary season of the show and talk about our memories (or our lack of memories) from that first year of the RV Atlas podcast. We will also play a classic clip at the end of the show from our very first episode–and play other classic clips throughout the 2024 season.

We also give a sneak peek of the upcoming content in the months ahead.  This season the RV Atlas wants to highlight what is best about the RV and Camping industries right now. We feel like there is some lingering negative mojo in the air from the aftermath of the pandemic–but this year we want to talk about what is good and what is best about the RV and camping industries in 2024.

This season the RV Atlas podcast will also focus on the following:

  • Companies making great RVs right now (including some of the independent manufactures) 
  • Great episodes with the correspondents that you know and love
  • New voices and new correspondents
  • Tons of campground reviews
  • Seasonal Gear Guides and a Holiday Gift Guide
  • Q&A episodes with questions from our Facebook group
  • And so much more!

Episode one of season 10 also includes a healthy dose of RV Atlas updates including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Why we did not cover our trips to Utah and Colorado on the podcast last summer because of Jeremy’s work with Good Housekeeping magazine
  • Stephanie’s new role as VP of Content and Partnerships and co-founder at Park Vendor Review
  • The launch of Park Vendor Review’s new Campground Confidential podcast
  • The upcoming release of the Where Should We Camp Next? Camping Journal
  • The upcoming release of Where Should We Camp Next? Budget Camping
  • The summer 2025 release of our first two children’s books with Duopress

2024 RV and Camping Trends

We also talk about trends in the RV and Camping industries–and things we are noticing in both spaces.  We pull the data from the annual camping reports by KOA, RVshare, Campspot, and the Dyrt.

  • We talk about the rise of winter camping with data from The Dyrt
  • We talk about new campers (with data from KOA’s report) and why many of them may not return to camping again
  • We talk about the high interest in camping for the 2024 eclipse with data from RVshare’s annual report.
  • We end by talking about Campspot’s data about how many campers are seeking relaxation during their 2024 camping trips and less “revenge travel” to epic destinations.

Thank you so much for joining us for the tenth anniversary season of the RV Atlas podcast!




The RV Atlas Podcast
The 10th Anniversary Season of The RV Atlas Podcast+RV Trends

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