Grand Teton and Yellowstone, Fly and Camp, Beach Campgrounds (RV Atlas Q+A)

The RV Atlas Podcast
Grand Teton and Yellowstone, Fly and Camp, Beach Campgrounds (RV Atlas Q+A)

On today’s episode of The RV Atlas podcast we are answering questions from members of The RV Atlas Group on Facebook.  Winter may still have its icy grip over many of our group members–but that is not stopping them from planning their spring and summer camping trips. Many of the questions in the group are travel and campground related right now as our group members turn their attention towards spring camping. In this Q+A episode of our podcast we answer questions about Grand Teton and Yellowstone and flying and camping instead of taking an RV. We also offer up some great recommendations for beach camping on the East Coast.

Here are some of the questions that we discuss in this week’s episode–along with answers from group members:

A question from Craig Welch about Planning a Trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton…

Q: “Trying to figure what the lessor of the two evils is.  We are in the process of planning/booking a northern national parks trip for August of this year.  I’m not sure what the best option is for Teton/Yellowstone.  One central campground(Headwaters Campground) and hit both parks for the week.  Or two separate, Colter Bay for Teton and Yellowstone Grizzly for Yellowstone 3 or 4 days each.  Also if you have a more preferred campground, let me know!”

 Ron Brogan Answered…

A: “We have been there four times.  Main advice is don’t short change Teton.  It’s beautiful and a lot to do.  That’s why we recommend using campgrounds in both parks. Second recommendation is to make Old Faithful your #1 stop, watch her erupt a few times, then Go See Yellowstone.  Its a big place with lots to see.  Chack out the northeast entrance road.  Reminds us of Trail Ridge Road in RMNP.”

Erik Anderson Answered…

A: Craig, we concur with the others…do the two campgrounds. When we spent a couple weeks there, we did a combination of West Yellowstone and Grant CG, and then Colter Bay down in Tetons. Yeah, Yellowstone is HUGE……. 😉

 Tracy Barricks Phillip Answered…

 Someone said it was late to plan for this year. It may be in a 6 month window. I booked 10 days at both Colter Bay and Fishing Bridge and then after tweaking our route before and after canceled a few days of both. We enjoyed both campgrounds and adventures in both parks!

A Question from Shire Titus Ketterer about Flying and Camping….

 Q: “Jumping in for another question for those who fly to a destination to camp…. how is it?!  Do you bring a ton of stuff? I honestly never camped in a cabin and I don’t think I would have to bring a ton but we are over-prepared campers when loading up the TT and have so much “backup” this feels weird to only bring a suitcase camping!”

Rob Burghdoff Answered…

A: “We did a fly in camp over winter break. We brought nothing with us and hit the local Publix for everything. Tried to buy minimal amounts but ended up with extras. If I were at an airbnb we would have tossed most everything but being at a campground we made some acquaintances to offload the extras. Thu is such as water bottles, laundry soap, eggs, foil.. etc.”

 JP Answered…

 A: “We camped in New Zealand and Europe, the NZ was a rental and supplied everything we needed except food and toiletries.  Europe we purchased a car and caravan in England, scoured charity shops for our necessities.”

 Jeremy Answered…

A: The key here is to know what comes with the cabin and how does not. If they do not provide linens then it’s a no go. If they do not provide a coffee maker it’s a no go. Most cabin rentals are good at listing what comes with and what does not. If the cabin rental does not provide such information that would be a no go for me. Happy to answer any other questions. We have done a bunch of fly and cabin and fly and rent RV trips!

A Question from Ashley Anne’s Shady Campgrounds Near the Beach and Shops on the East Coast…

Q:  “Looking for a shady campground close to a beach and shops on the east coast?”

Craig Welch answered… 

If you’re into Virginia, Sun Outdoors Cape Charles.  What used to be Cherrystone RV resort.  It’s right on the Chesapeake Bay.  Nice campground with a private beach and pier.  We’ve stayed twice and enjoyed it very much.”

Samantha Willmot answered…

 “Beachcomber Campground in CapeMay, NJ”

Jeremy and Stephanie answered… 

We also loved what used to be Holly Shores and what used to be Seashore Campsites. Holly shores is now—-Sun Outdoors Cape May and Seashore Campsites is now Sun Retreats Seashore.

 Kevin Mattison answered…

Myrtle Beach KOA Resort, upper level. totally shaded. A couple blocks away from the beach. best ever.”

 Susan Sitter answered…

 Myrtle Beach State Park.  Beautiful, shaded and across the street from the beach.

Courtney Runs answered…

 “Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware”

 Bryan Winter answered…

 “Sandy Pines Campground is one of my New England favorites.”

 Jeremy and Stephanie also recommended…

 “Atlantic Oaks on Cape Cod! Eastham Mass has lots of cute little cape towns around and you can for a pretty short drive drive to Provincetown!”

James Island County Park in Charleston puts you near downtown and some awesome Charleston Beaches.”





The RV Atlas Podcast
Grand Teton and Yellowstone, Fly and Camp, Beach Campgrounds (RV Atlas Q+A)

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