Say Hello to inTech RV: An Overview of Flyer, Luna, Sol, Terra, and O-V-R

The RV Atlas Podcast
Say Hello to inTech RV: An Overview of Flyer, Luna, Sol, Terra, and O-V-R

We have been impressed with inTech RV for many years now. There are three main reasons why their product lineups has sparked our interest again and again. Firstly, because their exterior styling is striking and unique. inTech RV’s have a very cool combination of retro and modern styling that we love. Secondly, their floorpan offerings are innovative and appeal to both adventurous RV owners, and those that simply want to escape the everyday and head to the campground to relax. But the thing that has impressed us the most about inTech RV is their reputation for building quality products.

We used to test RV’s for (the now defunct) Trailer Life Magazine and the conversation around the campfire at night with the other reviewers often turned into a conversation about RV quality. Several of the technical writers at Trailer Life told us that, in their personal opinion, inTech made one of the best RV’s in the industry. One the years we have also heard from many happy inTech owners that also praise the quality of their units.

We have wanted to have someone from inTech on The RV Atlas podcast for an interview for several years now–and we finally made it happen. inTech’s Keith Fishburn agreed to come on the show and give us a wide-ranging overview of the company’s diverse and growing offerings. We also talk about the company’s culture and history. They are different than the rest of the RV industry in more ways than one.

To listen to Jeremy interview Keith Fishburn from inTech RV please click on the media player above or subscribe to the RV Atlas wherever you get your favorite shows. Or read on below for a brief overview of inTech RV’s product lineup.

inTech Flyer

The Flyer series is built for adventure and for bringing along all of the gear you need to have fun. With floorpans ranging from 12’5″ to 22’4″ there is something for solo travelers and for families–and for everyone in-between. Each Flyer has an “All-Aluminum, Fully Welded Cage Frame” and a rear cargo door that makes storing and transporting gear easy.

inTech Luna

According to inTech, “Luna is reimagining and redefining the classic teardrop camper. With an inspiring fresh new look.” We are head over heels in love with Luna and are particularly impressed with its outdoor kitchen. The foodies in our family would love to cook some great meals in the great outdoors using that amazing kitchen.

inTech Sol

The four floorpans in the Sol lineup can sleep either 2 or 4 people depending on the chosen floorpan. The exterior styling on the Sol has a retro vibe–but the interiors are all fresh, modern, and packed with conveniences. The panoramic front windshields on these units bring the outside in by giving you commanding views of your campsite.

inTech Terra

The two floorpans in the Terra lineup offer more room, but similar exterior styling to the Sol lineup. Terra’s interiors are luxurious and the quality craftsmenship is visible in every detail. You may think you are inside of an Airstream when you are relaxing in a Terra–but the price point is much friendlier.

inTech O-V-R

The inTech O-V-R is appealing to those that want a rugged look and boondocking capability-but still want a luxurious interior with lots of creature comforts. According to inTech “O-V-R is designed to handle rough terrain, giving you the freedom to explore even the most remote locations.” O-V-R may be able to get you into remote locations–but you can definitely do so with all of the comforts of home at your fingertips.

To find our more about inTech RV–please click here.






The RV Atlas Podcast
Say Hello to inTech RV: An Overview of Flyer, Luna, Sol, Terra, and O-V-R

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