RVing With Dogs: 8 Campgrounds With Awesome Dog Parks

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RVing With Dogs: 8 Campgrounds With Awesome Dog Parks

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RVing With Dogs: 8 Campgrounds With Awesome Dog Parks

Do you travel in your RV with a beloved family dog, or dogs? If you do you are not alone! According to studies by the RVIA and KOA More than 50% percent of RV owners go RVing with dogs. The RV lifestyle is perfect for dog owners. We have never encountered a campground that DID NOT allow pets and the vast majority of campgrounds are very dog-friendly.

To get some tips and tricks about RVing with dogs click here!

But some campgrounds take it even further. They are not just dog friendly, they are dog-centered. What I mean by “dog-centered” is that the design of the campground pays particular attention to the wants and needs of RV dogs and their people. These campground offer much more than just a fenced in dog walk area with poop bags. Instead some offer dog park FACILITIES and dog parks in stunning locations on water. Kenneling services and doggy wash stations are also an option at some of these top notch campgrounds–as are agility contests and dog-specific hiking trails.

Today’s podcast episode ” RVing With Dogs ! 8 Campgrounds With Awesome Puppy Parks”  can be listened to by clicking on the media player above.  The podcast is based on a blog post that Jeremy did for Go RVing this past summer. To find out more about these campgrounds click on the media player above to listen to the show, or head over to Go RVing’s blog to read the original post. 

Go RVing Post:


Here are the campgrounds featured in the Go RVing post and on the podcast!

Lake George RV Park (Lake George, New York)

Normandy Farms Campground (Foxboro, Massachusetts)

Massey’s Landing (Millsboro, Delaware)

Fancy Gap / Blue Ridge Parkway KOA (Fancy Gap, Virginia)

4 Paws Kingdom Campground & Dog Retreat (Rutherfordton, North Carolina)

The Campground at James Island County Park (Charleston, South Carolina)

WIlliams/Exit 167/ Circle Pines KOA (Williams, Arizona)

Cape Charles/Chesapeake Bay KOA (Cape Charles, Virginia)




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