RVFTA Q&A: Full Timing, Rallies, Work, and Snakes

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA Q&A: Full Timing, Rallies, Work, and Snakes

We try to stay on point in most of our podcasting and blogging content. We figure most people come to RVFTA to learn more about RVing or discover amazing destinations to visit with their rigs.

You don’t want to hear about our arguments over household chores or carpool scheduling hiccups, right?

Well, the truth is that we get a lot of questions about our family life, and some of the choices we are making as parents. We’re really excited to finally get the chance to talk about some of the most common questions.

In this podcast episode, we cover all the bases. Actually, not really. We only ended up answering about six questions. But it was fun for us to share some of our personal family perspectives and also dream about what the future holds.

So what were the questions?

Here are the cliff notes. For all the details, you’ll have to listen to the episode!

Do We Get Recognized at Campgrounds and RV Shows?

The short answer is yes, all the time these days. We don’t have any brand advertising on our camper, but a 34-foot toy hauler might stand out a bit.

How Do We Find Time to Camp with Work/Life Schedules?

It’s hard. Some folks think we full-time RV or homeschool, but neither are the case. We actually travel according to our boys’ public school schedules and Jeremy’s work calendar. Stephanie works remotely, which can be both a blessing and a curse depending on the pretty views outside the RV window.

Will We Become Full Time RVers in the Future?

The future will hopefully be very long and full of many wonderful adventures for our family. It’s always silly to say that something will never happen, but we give some pretty definitive answers to this questions that we get A LOT.

When Will There Be Another RVFTA Rally?

So we’ve been avoiding this question for years. Literally. Years. We finally decided it was time to share the true story behind the last RVFTA rally. It involves Jeremy spending about seven hours in the nearby emergency room, while I hosted the Yoga class and looked after the three boys.

Are We Scared of Snakes?

Jeremy, no. Stephanie, yes. Why does this questions matter? Well, we took it as a great opportunity to talk about being adventurous and ‘outdoorsy’, as well pushing yourself past your comfort zone. And also being okay with limits. See? Deep question.

What Do We Want Our Kids to Get Out of These Experiences?

This is a big question, but an important one. We were happy to talk about some of our bigger picture goals for what we do. We also share some of our own family background that has inspired us to take our family relationships so seriously.

Where Do We See Ourselves in Five or Ten Years? 

This was really fun to think to think about. It’s hard to believe that in five years we will have boys in high school and middle school. In ten years, two of our boys will be in college! We’re getting a taste for how our life is changing already. Something that we both agree on? We want to embrace every stage of life with our kids, with every challenge and complication.

Thanks everyone for joining us in this wonderful RVFTA community.

See you at the campground!

Stephanie + Jeremy

A big thanks to Truma for sponsoring this special episode of the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast! 

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA Q&A: Full Timing, Rallies, Work, and Snakes

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