Rockwood Roo Hybrids, Myrtle Beach Campgrounds, Portable Tote Tanks (RV Atlas Q+A)

The RV Atlas Podcast
Rockwood Roo Hybrids, Myrtle Beach Campgrounds, Portable Tote Tanks (RV Atlas Q+A)

On this week’s RV Atlas podcast Jeremy and Stephanie are tackling three questions from the RV Atlas Group on Facebook. We answer a question from Jessa Dittberner about whether she should get one of the Rockwood Roo Hybrids, along with a question from Mathew Falls about choosing a campground in Myrtle Beach. Then we wrap up the show by discussing why RVers buy portable tote tanks, and which sizes and models are the best.

Spring camping season is around the corner and we are itching to hit the open road and we know many of you are too. While many of us are waiting for spring we welcome you to join us around the digital campfire for another great Q+A episode of The RV Atlas.

To listen to Jeremy and Stephanie discuss the pros and cons of Rockwood Roo Hybrids, the best Myrtle Beach Campgrounds, and which portable tote tank is best–click on the media player above–or subscribe to The RV Atlas wherever you get your favorite shows!

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Travel Trailers

Jessa Dittberner wrote in to the RV Atlas group on facebook and asked…

We have a Springdale Mini and are looking for a possible change. I am really interested in the Rockwood Roo Hybrid. Curious if anyone has one or a similar hybrid and their thoughts? I am tired of feeling like I am in a closet when inside the camper. Hehe.

Jeremy and Stephanie explained why they love hybrids and pointed Jessa to some RV Atlas resources like this episode with Johann Schnell--who owns a Flagstaff Hybrid (same as a Rockwood Roo Hybrid) and loves it.

Hybrid Travel Trailers: Pros, Cons, and Tips from Johann Schnell

Megan Beller Sterett answered…

We love our Rockwood Roo! Ours is 23 feet with 3 tent beds and 1 slideout. We’re on a year-long camping trip with our 3 kids and I wanted to maximize space without having a massive rig, plus I really wanted to still preserve the closeness with nature that the tent beds allow. The Rockwood Roo Hybrid has delivered on both counts – it really feels very spacious inside for a 23 foot camper, and we love hearing the sounds of nature and being able to unzip all the bed windows to enjoy the breeze, etc. One obvious downside is that it’s pretty chilly in winter (though you can get the insulated covers for the tent beds), so something to consider depending on your usage. Overall we’re very happy with ours!

Nathan Rathmell answered…

We had two hybrids. The quad bunk was nice (aren’t made anymore) but we don’t miss setting up our bed on multiple stop trips. Or any really. it was nice on the right site in mild weather having the bed windows open with a view. Now we have a traditional quad bunk longer than I ever wanted to tow. 

Where to Camp in Myrtle Beach?

Mathew Falls wrote into the RV Atlas group on Facebook and asked…

We are headed down to Myrtle Beach during the last few days of March / first few days of April. The 3 spots listed below have come recommended. We’d love to know your thoughts through a vote. If you’ve ever stayed during that time frame we’d like to hear what amenities were available (since it’s still off season). The KOA is no longer an option. As much as we love KOAs, the information we received from them via email and phone was downright rude and unhelpful.

Jeremy and Stephanie talked at length about how much they loved the Myrtle Beach KOA in the past–and how they are both sad to hear that Matthew had a bad customer service experience there. They also discussed a bunch of their favorite Myrtle Beach Campgrounds–including what was formerly known as Carolina Pines, along with Lakewood, Ocean Lakes, Myrtle Beach State Park, and Huntington Beach State Park.

Stacy Kropf Johnson answered…

Kids? Mine love Carolina Pines but it’s not on the beach. There is also Yogi Bear Tabor City a little inland that is very popular. Both Lakewood and Ocean Lakes have indoor pools. The waterparks don’t open until more in April I think.

Ashley Johnson wrote in to the RV Atlas Group and answered….

My husband and I love Barefoot RV Resort the most. We do not have kids but they have a new kids water playground. The amenities near Barefoot are great!  Restaurants, gym, grocery store, hardware store, dog groomer, mail salon, batting cage, ax throwing, putt putt, .5mi walk to beach, short walk or bike ride to barefoot landing shopping and theater. Also close to outlets. However, If you have kids and like direct beach, then Ocean Lakes is good. We have been there many times too. Too bad the water park won’t be open yet.

Which Portable Tote Tank Should I Get?

Julie Carlson wrote in…

Any recommendations on portable waste tanks? 

Jeremy and Stephanie recommended their 28 Gallon Rhino Tote Tank by Camco Outdoors--but also walked through when and where RV owners use tote tanks–and which size to get. The larger models can get heavy when full. Jeremy loves the built in ladder hook on the Rhino–which is great for transport and storage. Six other members of the group also recommended their Rhino Tote Tanks in various sizes. They come in 15, 21, 28, and 36 gallon models.

Craig Dashner responded…

Pick one that has a volume equal to the tank you want to empty (1 trip), or a little over half (2 trips to empty).  I prefer the two wheel ones – smaller and easier to store/take up less storage space and am fine doing 2 trips when I need to.

Guy Frederick responded…

Also. bear in mind the weight of the tank.  The “stuff” weighs a bit over 8 pounds per gallon, so a 40-gallon tank would be around 350 pounds with the weight of the cart itself included.

Erik Anderson responded…

Julie, we have a 21 gal Rhino tote. Easy to use, has always worked well. As others mention, they can get very heavy when full, so consider that when deciding on what size you get. We have a 44 gal holding tanks, so we’ll “dump” when we can do two trips with the tote.

Erik Wilson responded…

I picked up a Rhino tank from camping world on Black Friday for about half off.  If you can wait they have decent sales. 

Amy Barnette responded…

We bought a 28-gallon Camco Rhino.  We’ve had no issues with it.



The RV Atlas Podcast
Rockwood Roo Hybrids, Myrtle Beach Campgrounds, Portable Tote Tanks (RV Atlas Q+A)

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