24 Tiny Trailers That We Love in 2024 (Part 1)

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24 Tiny Trailers That We Love in 2024 (Part 1)

We love tiny trailers here at the RV Atlas–and we always have. This year we wanted to do a roundup of the best tiny trailers on the market right now and highlight their best features and options. There are so many great companies making smaller trailers in 2024 and many of those companies have loyal followings and terrific reputations for quality and innovation.

We invited our longtime friend and RV Atlas podcast correspondent Casita Dean May onto the show to help us round up the best and the brightest small rigs on the market today. This will be a two-part series on the podcast and right here on the blog. So buckle up buttercup–these are our first 12 picks, with 12 more to come. We love the variety of options on display here–and we know you will too. So without further ado let’s dive in to part one of our two part series.

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Casita Dean May’s Tiny Trailer Picks

The Aero Sellwood (Starting at $41,499)

It would be easy to mistake the Aero Sellwood for a vintage “canned ham” trailer from the 1950’s or 1960’s. It passes the vintage vibe check with flying colors. But this trailer (which weighs under 3k pounds dry) is made in Oregon right now and is packed with modern features and gorgeous of-the-moment design touches. There is a model with a spacious kitchen and no wet bath (that does have a cassette toilet) and there is a model (pictured above) with a smaller kitchen and a comfortable and attractive wet bath. Casita Dean May loves the wet bath floorpan (which adds 3k to the price)–but Jeremy loved the model with the larger kitchen. Both of them are drop dead gorgeous and worth taking a look at if you want a retro trailer with a high-quality build.

Safari Condo Alto R1723 (Starting at $32,739)

Safari Condo photos by Kirstin Burrows

The Safari Condo Alto R1723 is one of the most unique travel trailers we have ever laid eyes upon. The retractable electric roof creates an incredibly aerodynamic shape that is easy to tow when in travel mode–and when in camping mode, the stunning windows fill the trailer with natural light. These stunning windows forge a direct connection to the natural world and provide panoramic views of the campsite around the coach. The frame, walls, and floor are made of aluminum and the dry weight clocks in at under 2k pounds–making this towable by a wide variety of SUVs. The bed is up front, and a seating area is in the rear–allowing one camper to stay up and read while the other sleeps in comfort.A toilet and shower are available midship–but the top of the shower is enclosed by a curtain. Certainly not a deal breaker for us. Every inch of this trailer feels fresh and innovative. We would love to take one camping.

Taxa Cricket (Starting at $30,331)

The Taxa Cricket doesn’t have much in common with with most RV’s–in fact we think of it as more of a camping machine or camping support system. Taxa calls the Cricket a “habitat” or an “adventure vehicle” and both of those work for us too. We love the open and airy feel created by the pop-up roof and we are also big fans of the front kitchen and its modular storage systems. A convertible dinette/bed is located in the back of the Cricket–with a rear cargo door that can be thrown open for fresh air–or for storing bikes and other gear for transport. The Cricket comes in a variety of ridiculously cool color options (Chocolate Chip Tropical Camo Wrap please!) and can be stored in a garage when not in use.

Nücamp Tab 400 (Prices Vary from 40K-55K)

nüCamp makes beautiful RV’s with a reputation for style, comfort, and quality. They have a loyal following and many of their customers have owned 2 or 3 of their models. The Tab 400 can be purchased with or without a bunk–so it could work for a solo traveller, a couple, or a small family with young kids. We love the spacious wet bath and the surprisingly full-featured kitchen. This floorpan packs a lot into an elegant rig that clocks in at under 19 feet. The windows are also surprisingly large for a small coach and they fill the Tab 400 with natural light. For such a small rig the storage feels ample–and we could easily imagine taking this one for an extended road trip.

inTech Sol Dusk (Starting at $44,940)

inTech is yet another independent manufacturer with a reputation for quality and style. The Sol Dusk has a striking exterior shape with a prominent front window that provides excellent views of the campsite. We also love the luxurious fit and finish of the interior–which seems to be inspired by the fit and finish of an Airstream–but at a much more user-friendly price point. The front lounge is surrounded by windows and looks like the perfect place to eat breakfast or read a book. The rear twin beds can be converted into a single full sized bed and the wet bath is surprisingly spacious. We might like more counter space in the kitchen area–but most will love its refined look and more than adequate storage. inTech makes beautiful RVs–and this is just one of many that we admire. See below for another!

Casita 17 Freedom Deluxe (Starting at $26,996)

Casita Dean May is the proud owner of the Casita 17 Freedom Deluxe pictured above–and he still loves every inch of it after many years of use. This is a near perfect couples coach with a double bed and a set of two comfy swiveling chairs. The price point for this fiberglass egg camper is also quite reasonable–especially when stacked up against many of its more expensive fiberglass brothers and sisters. This adorable tiny trailer also weighs less than 2,500 pounds dry–so it can be towed by a wide variety of SUV’s.

Jeremy’s Tiny Trailer Picks

Roc Trailers ALD09 (Starting at $16,999)

According to the website for ROC Trailers the company is “honoring the history of teardrop campers” while their designs “improve on the past to create a more efficient and comfortable environment to inhabit and enjoy.”  The DNA of the classic American teardrop camper may reside within each ROC Trailer–but their form and function are very much of-the-moment when it comes to modern amenities. Their lineup of rugged and adventurous teardrops also has a space-age look that we admire. Our favorite feature in the ALD09 is its elegant and practical rear kitchen–which would make any minimalist camp cook swoon. We would love to set up camp in an ALD09 and get cooking. How about you?

Encore RV ROG12RK (Starting at $22,000)

Encore RV is a young company that is already developing a reputation for quality and innovation. Jeremy is currently obsessing over their ROG 12RK. It fits into a category that he likes to call the teardrop plus. The slightly larger teardrops that fit into this category have more than just a bed inside of them. Instead they often have a bed that can be converted into a low lying couch that is cozy and comfortable for reading or hanging out and watching a movie at night. The ROG 12RK has all of that and much more. It can be outfitted for serious off-road adventures and the rear kitchen is an absolute dream for those that love to cook outside. Add an optional rooftop tent to the model and you can sleep four at your favorite boondocking location–or your favorite state park or KOA for that matter.

Airstream Basecamp 16 (Starting at $46,900)

Dreaming of owning a brand new Airstream but don’t have $100K plus to make that dream happen? Then you should definitely downsize your expectations and take a look at the Airstream Basecamp 16 and the Airstream Basecamp 20. We are former owners of the 16 and can vouch for its comfort, its beauty, and its well equipped features and amenities. The front kitchen and front windows are stunning, and the wet bath is comfortable and surprisingly spacious. The rear seating can be turned into a cozy bed and the rear door makes storing gear (like bikes and surfboards) easy peasy. We loved this little Airstream and one of us really regrets selling it:)

Taxa Mantis (Starting at $40,116)

The Taxa Mantis is definitely a big brother to the Taxa Cricket–but it is also so much more. This trailer may have a quirky exterior look–but the interior is completely practical for adventurous campers with kids. There is a front couch that can be used as a bed (with a bunk bed right above it )and there is a convertible seating area in the rear that can be converted into a spacious sleeping area. Midships you will find a well-equipped kitchen and room for a cooler and other cool storage features. A cassette toilet and shower pan are also available for those that want that camping vibe with some extra creature comforts. The Taxa Mantis is every bit as weird and wonderful as the Cricket–and we love every inch of it.

inTech Flyer Discover (Starting at $28,000)

The inTech Flyer Discover is only 18 feet long from bumper to ball–so it qualifies as a tiny trailer in our book. But this unorthodox toy hauler feels huge on the inside. This is because the bed (or beds) are tip out beds like the beds found in a hybrid travel trailer. They don’t take up any space on the inside of the coach. The front kitchen is stylish and practical–but there is no bath or shower here. You could easily bring a cassette toilet along for the ride–along with all of your favorite toys. The Flyer Discover is built for adventure and has a ton of flexible space on the interior that can be outfitted for just about any kind of road trip. We would love to take this one out on a surf trip to Cape Hatteras. We could bring the entire family (and the entire family quiver of surfboards) along for the ride if we did.

Aliner Evolution 15

The Aliner Evolution 15 knocked our socks off when we first scoped it out at The Florida RV SuperShow in 2023. It is a hard walled “A-Frame” style camper that packs up small in road mode and opens up into a relatively spacious package at the campground or your favorite boondocking spot. We love the multiple seating options on either end (which can both be converted into beds) and the hidden shower and small but practical kitchenette with sink, stovetop, and refrigerator. The hidden cassette toilet also means no scrambling to the campground bathrooms (or the woods) for a midnight potty run. The look of the Evolution is rugged and it can be equipped for boondocking adventures. We would love to take one out on a roadtrip to somewhere far, far away. The Aliner Evolutions low profile when in road mode also means it will tow like a dream.



The RV Atlas Podcast
24 Tiny Trailers That We Love in 2024 (Part 1)

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