Campground #27 Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Campground review

Campground #27 Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

You can find to all of our podcasts in the

Campground #27 Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park,Oregon

We are thrilled to welcome Larissa Richardson, aka The Pop Up Princess, onto Campground of the Week to review an amazing state park in the state of Oregon. Larissa stayed at Silver Falls State Park to break up a long haul from California to Seattle. Her family ended up loving it so much, they can’t wait to return.

In the first segment, Larissa gives us a review of the campground itself, discussing the different loops and where you might want to stay on your visit. She will also give you the reservation lowdown, noting that this is a popular spot for the locals so you will definitely want to book in advance.

In the second segment, Larissa tells us all about the rest of the state park, where they found more activities than they ever imagined. Silver Falls State Park actually has its own blog, keeping everyone informed about their regular events and happenings.

Silver Falls State Park is considered one  of the gems of the Oregon state parks system, and the Pop Up Princess tells us why on Episode #27 of Campground of the Week!

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You can find to all of our podcasts in the

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