RVing in Cape Hatteras, Long Driving Days, State Sticker Map Rules (RV Atlas Q+A)

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVing in Cape Hatteras, Long Driving Days, State Sticker Map Rules (RV Atlas Q+A)

On this week’s RV Atlas Q+A podcast we discuss the following topics from the RV Atlas Group on Facebook:tips for things to do on an RV trip to Cape Hatteras, rules for your state  sticker map (can they be transferred to a new RV?) and how many hours is too many hours to drive in an RV? Jeremy and Stephanie answer each question but we also share answers from the group!

State Sticker Map Rules for RVers

The Question from Nathan Wentworth:

“Okay gang–serious question!  When you upgrade to a new or different RV–do you start over with your state sticker map… Since you haven’t camped in the new RV, do you get credit for camping in all of the states you visited with your previous RV?”

Stephanie Puglisi responded….

”It’s the experiences that count–the rig is just a really fun accessory”

Aaron Hall responded…

“No we consider it a camping map not an RV specific map. That is why we made ours magnetic so we can move it from RV to RV”

Hannah and Will Clay responded…

“I continued the state sticker map…but everyone has their own house rules!”

Shannon Lamb responded…

“Our map is in a picture frame–so it can go from camper to camper.”

Duane Bell responded…

“We will carry our state sticker map over to our next RV, although I didn’t count places I had camped as a kid or places we camped before we bought our rig. Our rule is also that we have to actually camp in the state to earn the sticker, not just drive thru or Walmart etc. 

So far we have hit everything East of the Missippi. We had hoped to hit 49 states with our two youngest still at home, but with sports and jobs etc that is no longer realistic. Beth and I will have to finish off the rest ourselves.”

Erik Anderson responded…

If and when we get a new RV, we’ll “transfer” our U.S. and Canada state sticker map to the new rig. Like Stephanie Puglisi writes, we also feel it’s the experiences we’ve personally had and not RV-specific. But everyone has their own “rules of thumb” which is cool!

We’ve “stickered” 49 states and 6 Canada provinces, so we’ll want to continue enjoying seeing all those on a new rig! 😁

Mike Hoffman responded…

You have a box of ice cream sandwiches… You eat all of them…. Just because you get a new box doesn’t mean you didn’t eat all of the other ones…. It all counts as pounds under the belt… Miles during camping…

Ted Moore responded…

I looked it up in the Code of Federal Regulations: new trailer = reset on places visited. Which means I have to return to Glacier, Zion, Yellowstone, Shenandoah, Great Smoky Mountains, and Rocky Mountain. 

Damn. What a burden.

Jeremy Puglisi responded…

The state sticker map definitely transfers over. I think you do have to spend the night and drive through. Even spending a night at Wal-Mart is okay.

How Much Time Driving on Travel Days?

The Question from Steph Wagner:

What is your upper limit on miles per day between destinations? We are planning a longer trip with our 6 and 8-year-olds from Kansas to Disneyland.

Kerri Cox responded…

Our upper limit is 500-600 miles, but we aren’t traveling with younger kids. When our boys were younger, I added approximately 50% to whatever Google Maps estimated the drive would take. That rule of thumb covered the slower RV travel, stops for gas, meals, restroom breaks, and some leg stretching. 

We had a successful road trip once where we paid our kids $1 an hour each to behave on the way. They got pretty competitive about keeping their cash!

Jason Richards responded…

…We try to maximize mileage on travel days to get more vacation out of the vacation. Upper limit for us is ~1,000 miles, 600 is good target and a pretty full day with a camper and kids.

Andrea Semanovich responded…

Do you have a towable or driveable? I think it makes a difference.  We have a C Class and don’t have to take many breaks because the kids are teenagers and can use the restroom and get snacks without us having to stop. We only stop to get gas and switch drivers. With our crazy approach we do about 600-700 a day miles because each driver only has to do 300-350 miles each.

Jeremy Puglisi responded…

Our trip  to Charleston that took us 16 hours! So many gas and potty stops! That was the longest I have ever towed in one day–and it was too long. But we were on a weeklong vacation and did not want to waste two days driving to Charleston and two days driving back. Still–I wouldn’t tow 16 hours in one day again. I don’t think so anyway.

An RV Trip to Cape Hatteras National Seashore

The Question from Erik Anderson:

With Hershey Pup’s help, I got us a site for a week at Frisco Campground at Cape Hatteras National Seashore! We kept missing Cape Hatteras the past couple years, so we’re looking forward to it finally! 😁 We’ll be there in early Spring, so hopefully before the buggy season. 🦟  Who’s stayed on Cape Hatteras? Any suggestions or recommendations of what to do and where to explore? 😊

Ashley Moody responded…

The Outer Banks are one of our favorite beaches to slow down, get back to basics, and truly relax. Most of Hatteras is comprised of small beach villages and you won’t find any high rise resorts or cheap sportswear shops. Definitely visit the lighthouses that help make the Outer Banks famous. Take the ferry for a day trip to Ocracoke Island – you can take the drive on one year round, but in peak season there’s a passenger only ferry that drops you in the heart of the island. Rent a golf cart, explore the little shops, and grab a bite to eat (we really liked SmacNally’s). Definitely visit Waves Market and Deli and snag one of their delicious sandwiches. Oceana’s Bistro has killer fish tacos. If your vehicle is 4WD, get out on the beach and drive…take some fishing rods and a picnic lunch and make a day of it (but learn the ins and outs of driving on sand first). Get an early start one day and drive up to Corova to see the wild horses (another beach driving experience) or take a tour. There’s so much to love about the Outer Banks. You’re going to really enjoy it!

Jess Steck responded..

Take the short drive north to the orange blossom bakery. Incredible baked goods. Drooling just thinking of them!

Jeremy Puglisi responded…

Yasssssssssss to the Orange Blossom Bakery!

Larisa responded….

The Apple Uglies at the Orange Blossom Bakery are amazing!

Stephanie Puglisi responded…

Beautiful place to camp. Lots of good recommendations here already. Would just add the Wright brothers monument. And also, yes you are missing the bugs but be prepared for WIND.

Chris Phillips responded…

Do your yourselves a favor and keep an eye on NCDOT NC 12…

As in our first trip down there, I had no idea that the water would breach the road in some places, and make inpassable, Always good information to review before you head down the road. As they clear the road like it snow it’s quite an amazing feet, that they keep this place open and passable at some point of the year .




The RV Atlas Podcast
RVing in Cape Hatteras, Long Driving Days, State Sticker Map Rules (RV Atlas Q+A)

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