6 Quick Tips for Enjoying America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA

6 Quick Tips for Enjoying America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA

America’s Largest RV Show, better known as the Hershey RV Show, rolls into Pennsylvania every September like clockwork.

What should you expect to find there? Over 33 football fields of RV’s, many of which are brandy-new models for the upcoming year.  The PRVCA promises that “virtually every manufacturer and model” will be there. RVFTA is always there as well, checking out the latest and greatest for RV shoppers.

The Hershey RV Show really is a great opportunity for buyers. However, if you aren’t prepared, you might just wind up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day.

Believe us, we’ve been there.

So we wanted to give you six quick tips to help you get the most out of the Hershey RV Show…or any RV show to be honest.

You should also make sure to check out our podcast on RV Show Shopping. We’ve been to dozens of the biggest RV shows in the country and we’ve learned a few good lessons over the years. We’re happy to pass them along in hopes that you have the best possible experience the next time you visit a show.

1. Know before you go.

With over a thousand RVs on display, shopping can get overwhelming. Do some advance research and narrow down your options.  Do you want a fifth wheel or a travel trailer? A Class A or a Class C? Brand X or Brand Y? Try to know before you go. Shoppers who show up clueless can end up with some seriously expensive buyer’s remorse.

2.  Search by manufacturer and talk to the manufacturers.

The good folks that run the Hershey show do shoppers a favor by grouping manufacturers together.  If you are looking for a rig made by brand X then they will all be in one place.  Sounds like common sense, right? Well, most RV shows place the various dealers of brand X all over the floor.

If you have important questions about a certain model we also strongly recommend that you ask a manufacturer’s representative for help instead of a salesman. They will be much more knowledgable and less prone to pressuring you for a sale. The manufacturers rep is an expert about his or her brand. The salesperson, however, may be responsible for selling 10 different brands at his or her home dealership.

3. Don’t be pressured into making a major financial decision.

We are big believers in walking away from a purchase if you don’t think things are going your way. RV show prices are very good, but don’t think that you can only get “the show price” once a year at Hershey.  There are tons of shows throughout the winter, and if you know your stuff you should be able to get that show price at the dealership after the show is over.  Just remember that it is your money and you are in control.

4. Bring your own water, snacks, and maybe even lunch.

Food options at an RV show are going to be limited, somewhat expensive, and for the most part, unhealthy. The Hershey RV Show in particular does not offer thrilling food options, to be quite honest. Consider bringing your own favorite snacks and even packing lunch. You will also be doing lots of walking so bring your own water.  Put the money you save towards a shiny new rig.

5. Attend a great seminar (or two, or three).

Your admission fee also includes free access to over 25 great seminars. RV Safety gurus like Walter Cannon are often at the show and everyone should be required to attend his seminars on “RV Weight and Tire Safety” and “Properly Matching Trucks to Fifth Wheels/Trailers.”  When it comes to RV safety, Walter is a master teacher. Make sure you attend the seminars by industry experts and avoid the ones that are basically vendor content marketing.

6. Check into the RVFTA Facebook Group and ask any questions!

We are thrilled to provide a friendly, no cranks allowed Facebook group where you can feel free to ask questions without being mocked. If you have follow up questions on RV models, floor plans, or pricing during of after the show, our group is a great place to go for more information.

Remember, RV shopping is supposed to be fun, so keep your sense of humor with you at all times:-)

See you at the RV show,

Stephanie + Jeremy


  1. Karen

    See you on Friday! Have fun today. 🙂

  2. Lorie brearman

    We are very serious buyers attending the hershey rv show Friday the 13th…we want to.purchase a Forest River rockwood 2608RB or flagstaff 26fkbs where can we get admission tickets? Rather put the $ towards or new unit!


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