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What’s the Secret to Making Family Travel Fun? (Like actual, real fun…)

Whether you are vacationing in a hotel, renting a house, or staying at a campground, let’s face it–traveling with young children is a challenge. Even it is something you absolutely love to do, you can’t possibly claim it is easy (and keep a straight face). It takes work, and a whole lot of planning, to haul your little ones away from all the comforts of home and ask them to adapt to new environments, different schedules, and unfamiliar foods. But we keep doing it. Year after year. Starting in the spring and continuing... Read More
03 Nov
10 Reasons Why RV Vacations Are Better!

10 Reasons Why RV Vacations Are Better!

You can also listen to our RV Family Travel Atlas podcast: 10 Reasons RV Vacations are Better A few years ago, a great hotel deal tempted us into booking a weekend getaway with the boys. We had never stayed in a hotel with them, and we were quite worried that everything, including sippy cups and blankies, would hit the fan. Well, it did. Two nights in a hotel room with our two year olds had us running back to kiss the road our RV traveled on. After yelling don’t touch that three million times and locking ourselves in the bathroom to eat... Read More
04 Aug
Christmas Tunes and Yule Log Flumes:Santa’s Village, Jefferson NH

Christmas Tunes and Yule Log Flumes:Santa’s Village, Jefferson NH

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are filled with family friendly outdoor adventure options.  During our ten days there we hiked, biked, kayaked, zip-lined, and swam.  But we also enjoyed two great theme parks.  Our morning at Clark’s Trading Post was filled with fun, and our two afternoons at Santa’s Village were even better.  Both parks were clean, reasonably priced, and filled with a wide variety of rides that kept everyone entertained, including mom and dad. I was initially suspicious of the whole Christmas in Summer... Read More

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