12 Images from the Enchanted Woods of Winterthur

It is in no way hyperbolic to call Winterthur a magical place.  The 1,000 acre preserve, founded by Henry Francis du Pont, is filled with rolling meadows, sparkling green woodlands, and secret gardens that will surprise and delight your entire family.  The Lively Little Campers spent a refreshing morning there this past weekend and left with a year long family pass.  Here is why we will go back again and again:

Winterthur is filled with open green spaces and the curves and contours of the landscape beg you to stretch, and roam, and play. No signs saying “keep off the grass” found here.  Only room to run free.



Or take a quiet stroll…


Or just pause and reflect…


But the enchanted woods are best of all, because that is where the faeries make their home.


Where the stones sing and tell stories, “merrily merrily, merrily.”


Where gigantic birds let you visit their nests and watch over their eggs.


Where the water invites your fingers in for a cool dip.


And no one tells you not to splash!


And while there may not be signs commanding you to stay off the grass, there are signs commanding you to “never, ever step into a faery ring.”  Lucky for us, Wesley didn’t disappear into fairy land, but he was sprayed with mist from these magic mushrooms.


But Winterthur sprayed its magic over our entire family…


and brought us closer together somewhere deep in the heart of nature.


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