Be a Tourist in Your Hometown (Every Once in Awhile)

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown (Every Once in Awhile)

Here is what I am going to tell you about my town: no one who lives here goes to the town beach on the weekend. Ever.

You see, our waterfront has boardwalk attractions, so the locals go a little bit north or a little bit south and find a nice quiet bit of sand for a couple of hours of relaxation.

But when dear friends come into town for a very short visit, you simply must do what you have never done…spend an entire Saturday on the Point Pleasant Beach and Boardwalk.

Parking is a nightmare, of course, and the beach is crowded.

photo 1

The truth, though? It is downright fun.

We go from the beach to the rides and back to the beach again.

photo 1 copy

Then it is off to Stewart’s for root beer and cheeseburgers eaten outside at picnic tables.

photo 2 copy

A quick walk to Strollo’s Lighthouse, where I have been ordering orange italian ice with vanilla ice cream since I was about five years old.

photo 4


My boys have their own combinations and I wonder when they will settle into a favorite.

photo 3

On the short drive home, all three of the boys fall asleep. I feel sandy and salty, and I realize that it is easy to miss those dawn to dusk beach days when the ocean is in your own backyard.

Visiting friends helped us enjoy our home in a brand new way. We had such a wonderful day with our boys, and it was a day that we never would have planned as ‘locals’.

So y’all come back now, ya’ hear?


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