Camco’s Big Red Campfire: 12 Reasons Why We Love It

We love a traditional campfire just as much as anyone else does. But we also think that having a portable propane firepit like Camco’s Big Red Campfire can be incredibly useful for a wide variety of reasons. In fact, we have started to think of our Big Red Campfire as an essential piece of camping kit. We keep it in the front storage bin of our RV so we always have it at the campground when we need it.

Have you been thinking about adding a propane firepit like the Big Red Campfire to your growing collection of camping gear? If so, here are 12 reasons why we think you should make the purchase. We love our Big Red Campfire and think you will love yours too.

The RV Atlas podcast is sponsored by Camco. Our thoughts and opinions about this product are entirely our own.

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1. Can Often Be Used During Burn Bans

There was a burn ban in place on our very last tent camping trip. After we checked in the ranger walked over to our site and informed us that only raised propane fire pits were allowable for campfires that night. Admittedly, we felt like geniuses because we had our Big Red Campfire in the back of the truck. But this begs the question–why are raised propane firepits often allowable during burn bans when traditional campfires are not? Because park rangers and fire safety experts know that propane fire pits are significantly less likely to cause wildfires because they are raised above the ground and because they can easily be turned on and off.

2. You Don’t Need to Transport Firewood

If you use a propane firepit there is no reason to carry firewood with you when you go camping. Transporting firewood can have catastrophic consequences if you transport an invasive species into a new area. We have seen devastation like this firsthand during our travels over the years. To learn the do’s and don’ts of transporting firewood when you camp please check out this website. Or just bring a Big Red Campfire on your next outdoor adventure and leave the firewood at home. Easy peasy, right?

3. Easy to Set Up. Easy to Fire Up

The Big Red Campfire sets up in less than a minute. Seriously.  You just unlatch the lid and remove it and hand tighten the super nifty 10 foot propane hose to a 20 pound propane tank. Then you open the valve on the tank and turn the campfire control valve on to a low setting. Once the campfire control valve is on and you hear the gas releasing carefully hold a lighter near the burner ring and the campfire will ignite. Now it’s time to crack open a cold drink and park your rear end in a camp chair and contemplate the wonder and beauty of nature. Maybe even write a couple of haiku about the beautiful scene around you? It’s your call. Just make sure you kick back and relax, okay?

4. The Cover Doubles As a Stand

We also love that the Bid Red Campfire’s lid can double as a stand and elevate the campfire even further off the ground. It looks really cute when you do this and it brings the flames and the heat away from your feet and closer to your body’s core. It also makes it much easier to use the Big Red Campfire as a delightful hand warmer after a cold water swim, surf, or paddle.  We plan on using ours when we go snowboarding next winter.

5. The 10 Foot Hose is Flexible and Convenient

Camco’s Big Red Campfire comes with a 10 foot hose that wraps around the pedestal for easy storage. We like this long hose because it allows you to tuck the propane tank away from the campfire and (quite literally) out of the picture. We keep our propane tank behind our chairs and out of the way. Before buying another brand definitely check the hose length. Many of them are shorter and force you to keep your propane tank much closer to the fire. In our humble opinion this is a deal breaker because it is such an ambience killer.

6. Adjustable Temperature Range

The flame on the Big Red Campfire is adjustable so you can quickly and easily raise or lower it and the heat output. This is obviously much more difficult to do with a wood-fueled campfire. If you want to simply set the scene for a quiet evening then keep the flame and the heat on low and save some propane. Or if you want to really warm things up then crank up the Big Red Campfire to high and enjoy the coziness and the warmth that it can provide at the turn of a control valve.

7. Big Red Campfire Makes Mesmerizing Flames

Some propane firepits are kind-sorta boring. The flames look more like stove flames then dancing campfire flames. The Big Red Campfire creates a mesmerizing flame–just like a real campfire does. Just check out the pictures in this post to see what we mean. More than any other propane firepit we have tested (and we have tested quite a few) this one looks and feels like real campfire.

8. Big Red Campfire is Smokeless

Lots of wood-fueled firepits claim that they are smokeless–but this is far from the case. Because the Big Red Campfire is not burning wood in the first place it truly does create a smokeless fire. If you don’t like to go to bed smelling like smoke then this might be a great option for you. Many full time RV owners have converted to propane firepits because they don’t want to constantly have to wash smoky clothing while on the road. Again–we love traditional campfires as much as anyone else does–but it’s really nice to go to bed in your RV without making your blankets and sheets smell like smoke.

9. Easy to Turn Off Without Making a Mess or Waiting for Embers to Die Out

Our favorite feature of the Big Red Campfire is that it can quickly and easily be turned off after each use. We hate dumping water over a regular campfire because it makes a nasty mess that has to be reckoned with the next night. We also hate having to sit up for an hour or two while a campfire extinguishes itself and the embers die out. Using one of these two methods is the safest way to go when having a wood fueled campfire–but neither of them is very convenient. Big Red Campfire can be turned off with the flick of your wrist–and then your done for the night and ready for bed.

10. Turns Into a Grill With a Separate Cooktop

Big Red Campfire can also be turned into a grill with a cooktop accessory that can be purchased separately here. Bring a skillet and you can cook an entire meal without having to pack an additional camp stove, Or just use it to boil water for coffee and tea in the morning. The cooktop also comes in a nifty bag that makes it easy to carry and store.

11. Big Red Campfire Has a Little Red Buddy

Big Red Campfire also has a little red buddy. If you want an even more lightweight and compact alternative to the big fella then take a good look at Camco’s Little Red Campfire. This portable propane fire pit can be stored just about anywhere–but it will still do a great job of warming you up and creating a great campfire scene wherever you go.

Remember to use coupon code RVATLAS10 at checkout to save 10 percent off of Little Red Campfire (and your entire purchase) at

12. Big Red Campfire is Easy to Carry and Store

The last thing that we love about Big Red Campfire is that it is easy to transport and store. You can keep it in one of your RV’s storage bins, or keep it in the back of your truck. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is lightweight and easy to carry. The handle on the lid is also conveniently placed and allows you to carry it with one hand. What you carry in the other hand (cold drinks? camp chair? notebook for haiku?) is totally up to you.

Make sure you use coupon code RVATLAS10 at checkout for 10 percent off when purchasing the Big Red Campfire (or any other products) at






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