10 Tips for Renting a Class C Motorhome from RVshare

Dreaming about the RV lifestyle but don’t yet own an RV? Or, maybe you have an RV but would like to try out another type of rig. Renting a Class C motorhome from RVshare can help you dip your toes into this wonderful way of travel–or help you “try before you buy.”

Class C motorhomes offer a fun and easy way to travel, whether you are hitting the highway with your spouse or your whole family. And, RVshare makes it just as fun and easy to rent one. Established in 2013 in Akron, Ohio, RVshare not only offers a peer-to-peer marketplace, it also offers all of the support and resources you need for a smooth experience. Take your pick from over 100,000 RVs for rent nationwide, sourced from a network of 60,000 owners.

Our family has rented Class C motorhomes a few times, and it’s been truly perfect for us! While owning a Class C isn’t for us right now, renting them for family vacations gives us all of the advantages with none of the upkeep. We’ve enjoyed trying out different motorhomes and floorplans on trips to New England and Disney World.

Read on to find some great reasons why renting a Class C might be right for you—and some tips for doing so from RVshare:

1. There’s a Class C RV for every traveler.

Since Class Cs come in so many layouts and sizes, there truly is a model perfect for every traveler, whether you are going alone or with a large family. In general, they may be as short as a 19 feet or over 40 feet long. Within this rectangular box, you’ll find a lot of floorplan options.

If you’re bringing kids along, you may find bunk beds, a cab-over bunk, or both. If you’re new to the lingo, a cab-over bunk is a bed located above the driving cab. This additional sleep space is nicely tucked out of the way, while opening up the bedtime options.

When you rent through RVshare, each RV listing showcases many photos of the rental, as well as a list of amenities, which will help you find the right rig for you. Be sure to check out the sleeping options. Consider whether you want a dedicated bed for each person, or whether you’ll be okay with a convertible dinette or sofa.

2. Class C RVs are great for motorhome newbies.

If you are new to renting a motorhome, you might be wondering if they are difficult to drive. One big advantage of a Class C rental is that Class Cs are built around a traditional truck chassis, which means the driving experience may be somewhat comparable to what you are already driving. Driving one is not much different than driving a moving truck on a Ford chassis.

While you clearly may have a learning curve while operating a Class C, you may also catch on quicker than you think. Also, if the driving experience isn’t for you, some RVshare rentals can be delivered! When browsing listings on RVshare, click the “Delivery” button at the top to find ones with that option.

3. RVshare offers tons of support & resources.

Speaking of newbies, whether you are new to the whole rental experience or simply new to Class Cs, RVshares offers a ton of resources and support to help ensure a smooth experience. Learn how it all works, explore the FAQ page, or read the archive of blog posts chock full of advice for new renters.

Plus, RVshare’s worry-free rental guarantee offers peace of mind, thanks to the wide range of protections and coverages, including fraud screenings, fraud protections, and extra layers of support if anything goes wrong on your journey. And, you’ll have access to RVshare’s 24/7 phone number with help for any question.

4. Smaller Class C motorhomes are more fuel efficient.

You might be wondering how expensive it is to operate a Class C on a road trip. While the costs obviously vary by the length, weight, and style of motorhome, Class Cs may be more fuel efficient than their larger Class A cousins. Large Class As may only get 6 miles per gallon, while smaller Class Cs hit closer to 8-12.

One advantage of renting from RVshare is that many listings include details about the fuel capacity and expected fuel consumption, making it easy for you to calculate your expenses and helping you to understand how often you may need to stop for gas on a road trip.

5. Your furry friend may travel along!

When you do a search on the RVshare website, you can find pet-friendly rigs with one click of a button. Click the “Allows Pets” button to narrow your search. Then, each listing may outline the RV owner’s pet policies. Some require a deposit, some have breed restrictions, and some have features that help make your pet more comfortable while on the road.

Class C motorhomes are great for pets. The open floorplans give you plenty of places to park a pet cage. While road tripping, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your furry friends. Plus, many of the owners have pets themselves, and they may be able to share their tips.

6. Consider the costs of a Class C motorhome rental.

When you rent an RV, there are quite a few costs to consider. Luckily, the RVshare website is pretty straightforward about what to expect. First, you’ll pay the nightly rental fee. When looking at this, remember it is like renting a vehicle and hotel in one. You get a terrific combo for the cost.

Second, look at the owner’s policies and rate breakdown to identify additional costs. You may have a mileage limit, with a fee per mile over the cap. The site has a calculator that makes it easy to estimate how much to expect. Other standard costs include pet fees, prep fees, and refundable deposits. Owners may also add charges for specific services, like delivery or emptying tanks. Make sure to also consider the cancellation policy.

7. Check the amenities.

RV rentals are not quite as cookie cutter as hotel rooms, which is, honestly, part of the fun. Each owner and rig has their own personality and amenities. When renting a Class C motorhome, there are certain amenities you might find helpful. The RVshare website makes it easy to see what equipment and amenities come with the rental.

Be sure to check for items like air conditioning, showers, microwaves, etc. if they are important to you. If you’d like to boondock (or camp without electric and water hookups), you’ll need to explore the RV’s tank and power situation. Some have solar or generators enabling you to get off the grid, while others require hookups for full service. When in doubt, reach out to the owner to confirm!

8. Think about all the extras.

One tricky part about renting an RV comes down to the small details. Imagine yourself going through your daily motions from your morning coffee to nighttime tuck in and think about all of the items you might touch in a day. This RVshare packing checklist may help. Once you know what you’ll want/need, you’ll need to confirm whether or not these come with your RV rental.

Some owners include all kinds of extras, including things like linens, cleaning supplies, coffee makers, fully outfitted kitchens, and camp chairs. Others do not. Communicate with the owner ahead of your booking or ahead of your trip to make sure you understand what your RVshare rental will include–and what you need to bring along.

9. Expect a walkthrough–and pay attention.

Whether you are a totally new RVer, new to renting a Class C, or simply new to the particular rig you’ll be renting, you need to pay attention to the walkthrough. When you pick up a rental, the owner will explain how to drive the RV and operate the major systems, including water, electric, heating and air, and more. Take notes–or better yet–record short videos of each operation, so you’ll be able to check back for each item when you need it.

10. Expect the Unexpected!

No matter how much you research and learn ahead of your RV journey with your rental from RVshare, there are still plenty of things you can’t prepare for, and that’s just part of the adventure! Have we ever had a totally perfect RV trip that went off without a hitch? Probably not. Have we still made amazing memories every time? Absolutely!

With an RV rental, you are sure to encounter the unexpected, for better and for worse! So, be patient with yourself as you learn to drive and operate the RV. And, be patient with yourself and your family as you navigate new challenges. Then, get out there and have fun. The unexpected is just part of the experience!

Check out this recent post/podcast episode to learn more a lot more about renting from RVshare from Maddi Bourgerie, who shared tips for selecting an RV, tips for budgeting, tips for renting our own RV’s, and so much more.

No matter how much we’ve enjoyed owning our own travel trailers for years now, we also have been thankful for the opportunity to rent motorhomes for some of our journeys. We hope this list of tips helps you consider one of the many ways to hit the open road. Always remember, there’s no RIGHT way, there’s just the RIGHT way for YOU!

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