RV Rental Adventures with Maddi Bourgerie from RVshare

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RV Rental Adventures with Maddi Bourgerie from RVshare

We have rented several RV’s over the years (for a variety of different reasons) and we have loved the experience each and every time. Renting has given us the opportunity to try different types of RVs (like Class A, B and C motorhomes) and it has allowed us to camp at Disney World in the winter when we did not want to tow our own rig down from New Jersey. The peer to peer RV rental market has exploded in recent years and, in many areas of the country, there are plenty of options to choose from. When we have looked to rent we have always found plenty of options to choose from.

On today’s episode of the RV Atlas podcast we are pleased to welcome Maddi Bourgerie from RVshare onto the show for the very first time to talk about all aspects of enjoying an RV rental: we talk about tips for selecting an RV, tips for budgeting, tips for renting our own RV’s, and so much more. At the heart of our interview we also discuss a wide variety of the RV rental adventures that Maddi has taken over the years.

Maddi’s boyfriend even proposed to her on an RV Rental adventure in Hawaii and they have had many other RV rental adventures since then!

“Maddi is a travel expert who has worked in the industry for a decade, visited almost all 50 states and rented more than 20 RVs (for a wide variety of bucket list trips and adventures.) She currently works full-time for RVshare and is dedicated to the company’s mission to help travelers experience the magic of an RV adventure. Maddi has RVed on the East and West Coast checking off National Parks and music festivals from her bucket list. Her career has been dedicated to sharing her passion for travel.”

RVshare is the largest online community for RV renters and owners with a diverse selection of vehicles for rent across the US, ranging from luxury motorhomes to cozy camper vans. On RVshare you’ll find vehicles that can accommodate any outdoor adventure, whether it’s a weekend of camping or a cross-country tour of national parks. RVshare was Founded in 2013 in Akron, Ohio and has more than 100,000 RVs for rent across the country, from 60,000 owners. It is a peer-to-peer platform similar to Airbnb.

To save $30 dollars on a $500 dollar or more RV rental from RVshare please use code RVATLAS30 at checkout. For more tips about renting RV’s from RVshare please click here.

On this episode of the RV Atlas (which you can listen to by clicking on the media player above) Maddi shares tips about choosing the right RV rental. We discuss the following topics:

  • Different RV Classes 
  • RV Delivery 
  • What are the important amenities? 
  • What is best for your group? 
  • Taking advantage of the search filters that RVshare has (amenities, pet-friendly, distance, etc)
  • Flying to your destination and then renting 
  • How rentals are perfect for first-timers

We also discuss the different types of RV rental experiences that can be had with an RVshare rental.

  • RV Delivery 
  • Boondocking
  • Campgrounds 
  • Road Trip s
  • Music Festivals/Events
  • Parking in your own driveway for extra room (family reunions, weddings)
  • Local trips – nearby State Park or Campground 
  • Fly to your destination and rent

Maddi also share tips to consider when budgeting for an RV rental.

  • Rentals on RVshare range from $50 a night to $250+ a night 
  • You Must Consider Taxes and Fees 
  • Mileage 
  • Gas Prices
  • Campground fees 

Maddi’s RV Rental Adventures

Maddi has used RV rentals for 20+ trips to a wide variety of places and for a bunch of different uses. Here are some of the highlights:

Camper Van Rental in Hawaii

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

Airstream rental to Big Bend.

Family Reunions

We wrap up the show with some lessons that Maddi has learned from her 20+ RV rental adventures. Here are her final tips!

  • The owner’s are super useful – make sure to get in contact with them ahead of time and learn the ins and outs of your rental at pick up/delivery
  • Read reviews before booking 
  • There will almost always be a Walmart stop involved 
  • It is always a unique, memorable experience but doesn’t come without “roughing” it – camping showers, no turn down or daily maid service 😉 
  • Your family will LOVE it – families with kids 7-16 say it is the best family vacation ever 
  • Try before you buy 
  • If you own, renting an RVshare is an undertaking. It is providing a hospitality experience to others. But it can be extremely rewarding and brings in extra income. 


The RV Atlas Podcast
RV Rental Adventures with Maddi Bourgerie from RVshare

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