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05 Apr
White Chicken Chili at the Campground

White Chicken Chili at the Campground

We’ve got a pretty long history with this white chicken chili. About twenty years ago, Jeremy and I spent a lot of time in Ohio. I was going to college in Michigan and Jeremy would drive out for long weekends at our friends’ house in Akron. Andrea and Mark were such wonderful hosts to us, stepping in as our college Mom and Dad, and they would spend all weekend feeding us the comfort foods we needed so desperately. One of Andrea’s favorite meals at the time was a White Chicken Chili, and we enjoyed it often enough that it... Read More
26 Oct
3 Easy and Delicious Recipes for RV Tailgating

3 Easy and Delicious Recipes for RV Tailgating

Food is a pretty important part of the whole tailgating experience. Everyone wants a delicious spread, but RV tailgating experts tell us that you better keep the food pretty simple if you really want to have fun spending time with your family, friends, and fellow fans. Lucky for us, RVFTA listener Kelli Hall has three favorite tailgating recipes that she was willing to pass along. They all sound completely yummy and ridiculously simple…which is the perfect RV tailgating combination! You can download and print recipe cards by clicking... Read More
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