Camper Wesley: Rookie Stats Have Been Calculated!

At a mere four months old, our little camper has racked up some serious traveling stats.  Outdoor enthusiasts, let’s play a game…Can you beat Wesley’s numbers?

Total states visited: 6

Total National Parks Visited: 3

Total Hikes Completed (or slept through…six of one, etc.): 5

Total Summits Crested: 2

Total Nights Spent Camping: 27

Total Campgrounds: 7

Percentage of life spent in an RV: 20% (okay, 19.5..we rounded up)

Hairs pulled out of his brothers’ head: countless


Of course, the year is not over yet. His father has some trips left up his sleeve for the fall. Consider this the close of regular play. Post-season, here we come. Wes is in the play-offs.

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