Hey Dad, Thanks for Making Our Lives Super-Duper Special!

Hey Dad, Thanks for Making Our Lives Super-Duper Special!

Dear Dad,

Five years into this gig and your evaluations are looking pretty stellar.


We thought about giving you a raise, but decided instead to take you camping next week.

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We are sure you will approve of the unanimous decision.


We really wanted to insert some inappropriate potty humor, but Mom kept deleting it. We will tell you the jokes when she isn’t around.


Thanks for deciding that our lives should be really, really fun.


And thanks for all the ice cream.

photo 3

Oh, and lobbying for that family dog. She really will cave one day, so keep up the good efforts.


Here is to another great year of the whole father/son thing.


Remember…no slacking. Your next evaluation is just 365 days away.


Love and tackles,

Theo, Max, and the Wes-Man




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  1. JP

    That is very cute! Well deserved evaluation you guys are too much!


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