Fall Camping Rocks

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Fall Camping Rocks

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Fall Camping Rocks

Fall is the perfect time to hit the campground. Break out those sweaters and the dutch oven recipes, and head to your favorite scenic spot! If you’re feeling mopey as summer comes to a close, we will fill you in on all the reasons why fall camping rocks.

We always forget just how much we love fall camping as the end-of-summer blues set in, but it doesn’t take us long to remember why fall is one of our favorite camping seasons.

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Embrace the Fall Weather

The weather is just better in the fall. At the end of summer, the heat and humidity can get the best of us. But, as soon as that crisp air hits, we feel so energized.

In the fall, the days are often comfortably warm. We can enjoy outdoor activities. And then, the real magic comes at night, when the air is perfectly chilly.

Light the campfire. Open the windows. Pour a warm cup of coffee. Enjoy!

Cook Some Comfort Foods

Fall camping means cooking, and comfort foods are the name of the game. Cooking becomes easier and more enjoyable at the campground in the fall. We aren’t too hot and grumpy to cook outside. Plus, our favorite easy-to-prepare foods just happen to be just right for fall.

Fall is the perfect time to warm up by the campfire with some dutch oven cooking. Or, throw a pot of soup or chili into the crock pot. Then, wrap it all up with an apple crisp or pumpkin pie.

Before you head to the campground this fall, check out our post all about the Foods of Fall Camping.

fall camping cooking

Partake in Fall Festivities & Activities

Say hello to harvest activities and Halloween weekends! We love fall camping because there are so many wonderful ways to celebrate the season.

From apple picking to pumpkin painting to trick or treating, there is so much fun to be had inside and near the campground during the fall camping season. Private campgrounds that cater to families host over-the-top Halloween weekends, packed with special activities.

Check out your favorite KOA or Jellystone park to see what they are cooking up! The only bad thing is that campsites can book out far in advance, so plan ahead.

Enjoy the Bug-Free Outdoors

Say goodbye to bugs! The cooler temperatures mean fewer bugs at the campground. If you’re tired of battling flies and mosquitoes, fall camping will be perfect for you.

Be Amazed by Fall Foliage

Hands down, fall is just a beautiful time of year. There’s something magical about watching the trees transform, and fall camping lets you feast your eyes on the stunning foliage.

Whether you enjoy photography, hiking, or kayaking, outdoor activities are extra special when the landscape transforms.

Fewer Crowds are an Added Bonus

Once families get into the back-to-school busyness, campgrounds and popular tourist destinations begin to empty out. You will find fewer crowds–and cheaper prices during the shoulder season.

If you’re ready to book a fall camping trip of your own, be sure to head over to KOA’s The Greater Outdoors to read our piece “5 Reasons Why Fall Camping is the Best.”  

The only downside to fall camping?? Winter is just around the corner, but until then, we will…

See you at the campground,
Jeremy + Stephanie

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  1. Steve

    I haven’t had an opportunity to fall camp but have always thought it may be the best season for camping. 399 days until I retire and I plan to find out for myself shortly after.

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      So excited for you. May there be many crisp fall camping days in your near future!

  2. bhivetravels

    One of our favorite fall activities is attending fall festivals–harvest celebrations, apple butter stirrings, sweet corn festivals, molasses cooking, popcorn events. The list is endless, and almost every state has dozens of them. Most are loaded with family and kid events, and many are free!

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      We love anything involving apples, also!

  3. April

    I really enjoyed the podcast about Fall camping! I agree on every point with you guys. After our family camped this past weekend, I totally agree with you on “no more bugs”! We were all eat up even with bug spray applied. On your question about camping Halloween weekend, that is a MUST-GO weekend for us. We have small kids too and they love trick-or-treating at the campground too! I think a lot of older campers (retired or have grown kids) enjoy it too. At the large, state-ran campground that we frequent, we see a lot of sites where the older people go all out decorating their sites and handing out candy to all the kids. They get into it as much as all of us with families do. In fact, my in-laws go every Halloween weekend too because they love to decorate for Fall and hand out candy to kids, and they have already raised a family of 5!! LOL

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      We loved all the older folks who had their campers DECKED OUT for the Halloween weekend last year. It created such a great, homey atmosphere!


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