RVFTA #157 The New RV Learning Curve

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RVFTA #157 The New RV Learning Curve

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RVFTA #157 The New RV Learning Curve

Our longtime listeners know that we bought a new RV last winter and made the big leap from a bunkhouse travel trailer to a toy hauler. Well, we spent a few dozen nights camping in it already, and we’re ready to share some of our initial impressions.

If you want to check out our reflections on our previous White Hawk travel trailer, and listen to our expectations for the Octane SL 272, you can tune in to episode #120 Saying Goodby to our Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer and episode #121 Saying Hello to our Jayco Octane Superlite Toy Hauler. If you would like a visual of our RV floor plan, check out the details here.

Segment One: The New RV Blues

We are being super honest here and sharing some experiences that caught us by surprise. The cold, hard truth? Our last travel trailer was awesome, gave us no major problems, and was completely customized to our family’s storage and travel needs. It came as somewhat of a shock to realize that the excitement of buying a new RV was somewhat tempered by the work involved in learning the new systems and organizing the new space.

We figured that sharing this emotional roller coaster would be helpful to those listeners wondering if an upgrade is in the near future. In this segment, we dish on…

  • Learning how to tow a new rig
  • The great truck upgrade of 2017
  • Storage and decor challenges
  • RV oopsies

Segment Two: The Octane Exterior

In this segment we dive into the particulars and explore some of the features that are different on the Octane. We optioned up this rig, and some things are a hit…others, not so much. Listen to hear us discuss…

  • Ball Auto Leveler
  • Thetford’s Sani Con Turbo
  • No slide situation
  • Much, more more!

Segment Three: The Octane Interior

In the last segment, we go inside and chat about the very different floor plan and how it has suited our family during our first camping season of ownership. Some of the topics include…

  • Bunks in the kitchen??!!
  • Garage space and usage
  • Kitchen storage and appliances
  • Recliners (and no tables!!!)
  • Garage screen door

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RVFTA Meet Up Schedule at the Jayco display:

  • Thursday, 5-6 pm
  • Friday & Saturday 2-3:30 pm

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  1. kim delfing

    I was trying to comment on podcast #157 (new learning curve) but not finding a place to comment on a particular episode. I love your podcasts and am finding them helpful and fun as we get ready to purchase our very first TTrailer and get using it next spring. anyways, Jeremy commented in episode 157 that he never heard of a dealer allowing you to test tow a trailer but ours did. We traded our minivan in for a truck, started trailer shopping, and then got nervous since we had never towed much of anything. He offered to let us test tow the trailer we were considering, went with us as we traveled on side roads and the highway, and then helped us back it in a spot to simulate a campground. we will need a lot of practice, but it gave us reassurance that this is doable for us even though, as early retirees, we are getting a late start at all of this. Just thought I would let you know, and thanks for all the great info!

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      That’s such a great dealer! Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. Steven Buma

    Hi Rvfta family.
    I also wanted to comment on episode #157 about dealers not allowing people to tow before they buy. First I love the podcast you make it very fun relatable and informative.
    As for the dealer I wanted to recommend to you is https://www.canamrv.ca/
    In London Ontario Canada.
    It’s also the home of Andy Thomson’s Hitch Hints blog. He is also featured in Rv lifestyle magazine. Might be a great future guest? Hope this helps you continue to bring helpful information to the RV community.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Stephanie

      It’s always great to hear about dealers doing it the right way!!!


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