RVFTA #104 Road Trip Wrap Up, Part 2

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RVFTA #104 Road Trip Wrap Up, Part 2

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RVFTA #104 Road Trip Wrap Up, Part 2


On this week’s podcast episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are wrapping up our entire summer of travel with the second part of our Road Trip Reflections. We took two major trips this summer, and learned lessons about ourselves, our children, and our traveling styles on each of the trips.

In cased you missed it, you can check out Episode #99: Road Trip Wrap Up, Part 1 here.

Summer Road Trip Wrap Up

For this week’s Road Trip Wrap Up, we separated our reflections into two different segments: one for Jeremy and one for Stephanie. Take a listen as we discuss forgotten items, reading resolutions, deeply wooded campsites, finding wifi, the messy French Press, and trying out new activities. We will also talk about television and sleeping in.

Fair warning: things get a little heated with the last topic of conversation…the dreaded bathroom argument of 2016.

Plus, we review our latest favorite product from Cabela’s, the Polar Cap Equalizer 25-quart Cooler. It was used daily on our midwest trip, and we will talk about why this is best premium cooler on the market right now…beating out even the Yeti in Field and Stream’s Ice Chest Throwdown. The video that shows these guys chucking the coolers off the truck is must watch TV:

From Cleveland, Ohio to RV Country in Indiana to the shores of Lake Michigan, we took the RV on an amazing tour of the mid west this August. And as always, we learned plenty of lessons along the way. Listen to Episode #104 Road Trip Wrap Up, Part 2 for the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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  1. Libby

    On the bathroom topic- we have a no number two in rig rule. I am so thankful for it! During the day we encourage the kids to go to the camp bathroom. Since they’re already outside why come in and track all that dust and dirt?!
    I’m team Stephanie on this one!!!

  2. DeanCHS1980

    Hi Stephanie and Jeremy,

    Laura and I listened to RVTFA #104 this morning. As always, we thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, at times we were laughing out loud! 🙂

    I will not dwell on the bathroom chat too much here since I probably said too much over on the forum. 😉 Despite being a USE IT guy, I think Stephanie makes valid points. There is probably a happy medium in which the bathroom can be used with the responsibilities that go along with it.

    I ALWAYS enjoy hearing the two of you keeping it real in terms of raising kids, bed time routines, bathroom rules, etc. I think the two of you make it very easy for other parents to identify with the challenges of parenting, particularly when RVing with kids. GREAT job! BTW, Laura and I are enjoying the the empty nest, not that it is without challenges in terms of trying to fund two kids in college. YIKES!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the new toy hauler.

    Take care,


  3. Sara

    I listened to this podcast just today (I’m a newer listener and trying to get all caught up!). I have to agree with Stephanie on the bathroom. We just bought our tiny travel trailer in August and the first decision we made was that we would use the camp bathrooms as much as possible-and especially for more “intense” trips to the bathroom. I had to laugh about your cleanliness conversations-we have 2 boys and have similar issues! We also have the insane amounts of energy, constant wrestling, and playing “whack a mole” at bedtime. My boys are notorious for wanting to cuddle when I NEED them to go to bed. Where are these snuggles during the day?! I enjoy listening and knowing there are other parents with similar issues! Side note, my husband and I are both teachers, too. 🙂 I find that I can relate to much of your content!

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      So glad you found us, Sara. Whack a mole presses us to the boundaries of our parenting capabilities, lol.


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