Hershey RV Show: The Bling is the Thing!

The RV Atlas Podcast
Hershey RV Show: The Bling is the Thing!


We are here at the 2016 Hershey RV Show, and are releasing  four extra special podcasts over the course of the show, featuring some of the new and exciting RV’s that are being rolled out for the upcoming season.

All of these podcasts are sponsored by our friends at Progressive, and we are thrilled they sent us to the show to gather great RV intel for our listeners and readers. To learn more, you can visit them at Progressive.com/rv or call 1-800-Progressive!

On this second Hershey podcast episode we are discussing some of the blingiest class A diesel pushers at the Hershey RV Show. For those who are looking for the high-end luxury motorhome, here are three models that stood out as best in show.

Grand Tour by Winnebago


The Grand Tour is all about seamlessly integrating state of the art technology into a luxury coach. Touch pads control everything in the RV, and even offer a theatre viewing experience, where at the touch of a button the lights will dim, the shades will go down, and the stage will be set for a great media experience.  You will also find magic mirror TVs and the beautiful shower stall complete will a teak wood bench and floor mat. The Grand Tour retails for $446,832 and the show pricing was $399,995.

Allegro Bus by Tiffin


The Tiffin Allegro Bus stood out to us as having the most elegantly executed interiors of all the blingiest RVs at the show. The traditional look was toned down a bit, and many of the fixtures had clean lines and simple designs. We also felt that the wood-tone floor created a warmer, cozier environment than the more common tile. The MSRP for this coach is $538,317 and the show pricing was $472,432.

Cornerstone by Entegra


The big news coming from Entegra was all about the added safety features in the 2017 Cornerstone. The manufactures were excited to talk about the brand new Blind Spot Monitoring System, Collision Avoidance System, and a pulsing third brake light. We can’t forget to mention that this is the only luxury coach with real leather on its seats.

Tune in to listen to an interview with Chuck Lasley, Vice President of Sales, as he explains why he believes that the Entegra is the “quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today, period.” Believe us, you will have that line down by the end!!!

You can listen to this special The Bling is the Thing podcast episode on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher, and make sure to tune in tomorrow for another episode featuring the best of the Hershey RV Show!

The RV Atlas Podcast
Hershey RV Show: The Bling is the Thing!

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