Hershey RV Show: RVFTA Takeaway

The RV Atlas Podcast
Hershey RV Show: RVFTA Takeaway


We are at the 2016 Hershey RV Show, and are releasing four extra special podcasts over the course of the show, featuring some of the new and exciting RV’s that are being rolled out for the upcoming show.

All of these podcasts are sponsored by our friends at Progressive Insurance, and we are thrilled they sent us to the show to gather great RV intel for our listeners and readers. To learn more, you can visit them at Progressive.com/rv or call 1-800-Progressive.

On our fourth and final special edition podcast, we are sharing our takeaways from the Hershey RV Show. After chatting with hundreds of shoppers and manufacturers’ reps, and looking through hundreds of RVs, we saw some themes emerge. There is a lot to look forward to during the 2017 RV Shopping season and we can’t wait to cover it!

The four major takeaways that we discuss on this episode are…

The Europeans are Comingimg_0621

Hymer made a splash with its Class B Aktiv, and created waves with the introduction of the Touring, available in Spring 2017. Smaller, lighter, and more affordable we will see if the European RV sensibility will translate in America. We also discuss the technology and components from European companies that are becoming more prevalent in American RVs.


Linear Lines are In the Works


Stop calling it retro or vintage. Linear lines are not a flash to the past, they are modern and on point. Luckily, manufacturers are finally letting go of *some* of their swishes and swirls, and we are seeing an emerging trend in linear exterior graphics. Every major manufacturer has at least one model that they have released, and we think that the trend will grow exponentially over the next two years.

There Really is Something for Everyone


Looking at the 2017 lineup of Class As, Class Cs, Class Bs, and travel trailers, there is a dizzying array of options available for the RV shopper. The whole idea that everything looks the same, might be a common refrain, but it is simply not true. No matter what your lifestyle, family size, and budget, there is an RV for you…and if you can’t find it, you’re not looking hard enough.

Consumers Need to Understand Vanilla Design


RV consumers have been complaining for a while now about RV interiors all looking the same. But the more we talk to manufacturers, the more we hear that they have to design for the masses in order to make sales. Shoppers who are looking for interiors that match their own personal design aesthetic, might need to have a shift of perspective and be willing to add customized touches on their own.

You can listen to this special RVFTA Takeaways episode on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher, and make sure to tune in to our weekly podcast, RV Family Travel Atlas!

The RV Atlas Podcast
Hershey RV Show: RVFTA Takeaway

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