8 Features That We Loved While Living in our RV

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8 Features That We Loved While Living in our RV

We just finished a 50 night stretch of living in our RV while the first stage of our home renovation was completed. Our Jayco Eagle HT 264BHOK was parked right on the side of our new home and served us well during this long stretch. It wasn’t always easy with remote learning going on, but overall it worked well for our family.  In early September we debated between renting a house during this time, or living in the RV–and living in the RV won out. So we had a 50 amp hookup installed, and we settled into the Eagle.  This past Friday night we finally moved into the house (which is far from being done!) and it felt like a major life event.

When we bought the Eagle last year we were looking for a rig that had a lot of creature comforts. But also one that was modestly sized enough to fit into state and national park campgrounds. Our 32′ 10′ Eagle fit the bill nicely! We had no idea that we would end up living in it for 50 nights during a home Reno. There were certainly times during those 50 nights when we both wished that we had a larger trailer with a private bunk room for the boys–and a permanent dinette. But the Eagle served us well and we all slept comfortably each night. We did have access to our garage and one room in the house–so that helped a great deal.

Spending such a long stretch of time in the RV really got us thinking about its features and the ones that really helped us stay comfortable (and sane!) during this stretch. Here are 8 key features from our Eagle that really made a difference for us during our 50 night stay!

The Chaise Lounge

The Jayco Eagle HT 264BHOK comes with a U-Shaped Dinette—or an optional chaise lounge. We chose the chaise lounge and we are sooooo glad we did. We are not huge fans of the U-shaped dinettes because we think that are a bit hard to get in and out of–and we would rather have the open space than a permanent table. The chaise does come with a table that is easy to install. It swivels in and out and is comfortable to sit behind. Additionally, it stores right underneath the chaise, which is super convenient.

We used the chaise three different ways during our 50 night stay. Firstly, as a bed for Theo. He chose this over his bunk because he wanted a more open space. Secondly, in its natural form as a comfortable seating area that easily works for four of us at a time. And thirdly, as a work station for Max during remote schooling. It would have been nice to have a separate dining room table and couch during this time–but the chaise worked well. We just had a bit more set up and break down than during our usual camping trips.

The Furrion LED Fireplace

Man oh man do we love this electric fireplace. It has been on quite a lot these last few weeks and it heats our 32 ft. trailer very nicely. It is also a bit more quiet and subtle than listening to a furnace kick on and off during the night. The boys also like changing the colors–and so do I! The timer feature is also nice in case you want to turn it on right before bedtime and have it shut off an hour or two after everyone falls asleep. Additionally, it comes with a handy remote. So if you are relaxing on the chaise you don’t have to get up and make the long walk over to the heater to turn it on or off. Joking, but not really joking!

Furrion Flat Screen TV

We don’t watch a ton of TV when we go on RV trips, but we aren’t luddites either. If we play all day, sometimes we love to watch a movie (or old Andy Griffith episodes) at night. But during our 50 night stay in the RV we really gave our Furrion LED TV a workout. The boys and I watched baseball every night and we really appreciated the positioning and easy functionality of our entertainment center. Frankly, this is the first RV we have owned where the positioning of the TV is really front and center.  Even though the Yankees lost we still had a blast watching the playoffs and the World Series together. It was relaxing “guy time” and hopefully watching the playoffs together becomes a fall tradition for this dad and his boys.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress 

Our upgraded Zinus Green Tea mattress was absolutely clutch while living in our RV for 50 nights. When you buy just about any mattress these days, the first thing that should be upgraded is the mattress. Manufacturers typically put in pretty average mattresses–at best. If you are considering going full-time or just living in your RV for a good long stretch–then getting a comfortable night’s sleep is absolutely essential. Who want to wake up and get ready to explore a great National Park or American city with a sore back? Not me. Not us.

Large Bathroom 

With each RV we buy, our bathrooms become progressively larger and more comfortable. This has not exactly been an intentional choice–but it has been a very good one. The bathroom in our Eagle is so comfortable and roomy. It almost feels like a little retreat going in there for a shower or to brush your teeth at night. With three boys who are taking up more and more room, it was incredibly clutch to have a large bathroom during our 50 nights of living in our RV. Two of them can get ready at a time and not be right in each other’s faces. ‘Nuff said.

Blue Nightlights in our Bathroom and Bedroom

Our Bathroom and the open area under our wardrobes have really nice and thoughtfully placed blue nightlights. Wes still REALLY likes to have a nightlight on each night–so the blue light in the bathroom is awesome for him. It is also not bright enough to disturb anyone that is trying to fall asleep. Stephanie often falls asleep before I do, and the blue nightlights under my wardrobe allow me to see my books and magazines etc. while she sounds soundly. Our Eagle is filled with thoughtfully placed and highly functional lighting. After living in it for 50 nights I grew to appreciate these small touches more and more.

Outlets and USB Chargers

Our Eagle is filled with outlets and USB chargers. I never realized how important they were until we started using the RV for remote schooling this year. Theo and Max were able to work comfortably in the RV and always have a place to charge their devices. We also have USB ports and outlets on either side of our bed. Nice job Jayco!

7 Foot Interior Height

Our Eagle is tall for a travel trailer and it has 7 feet of interior height. This is 3-6 inches taller than a lot of other travel trailers–particularly those that are billed as lightweight or ultra-lite. When you are living in an RV the small things count. That extra headroom made our Eagle feel more like a home and less like a cave.

Our Eagle served us incredibly well during those 50 nights. And I will always remember this crazy chapter of our lives when we lived in our RV next door to our house. A bigger RV would have been nice to have for this stretch. But I have no regrets. We bought our RV to travel and see the country. And hopefully that is easier and less stressful to do in 2021!

See You at the Campground!   –Jeremy


The RV Atlas Podcast
8 Features That We Loved While Living in our RV

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