24 Tiny Trailers That We Love in 2024 (Part 2)

The RV Atlas Podcast
24 Tiny Trailers That We Love in 2024 (Part 2)

Casita Dean May and Jeremy are back with the second episode in their “24 Tiny Trailers We Love in 2024” series! To listen to the first episode in the series (or to read the show notes) please click here. They each picked 6 tiny trailers in the last episode and each have six more picks to share in part 2. Their new batch of selections include more teardrops like the Vistabule and The Campinawe, but also several conventional RVs by the likes of Grand Design, Winnebago, R-Pod, and Rockwood. There are also some very unique picks from independent companies like Taylor Coach and Type 2 Campers. Overall, between the two episodes there are a rich variety of picks that showcase the breadth and variety of tiny trailers that are available to consumers in 2024. To listen to Jeremy and Dean discuss their favorite tiny trailers please click on the media player above–or subscribe to the RV Atlas podcast wherever you get your favorite shows. Without further ado–here are 12 more great picks from Jeremy and Dean. We hope you take a few minutes to check out each one and follow the links to the manufacturer’s websites to find out even more about each unit.

Casita Dean May’s Picks

Grand Design Imagine AIM 15RB (MSRP $32,333)

The Grand Design Imagine AIM 15RB has an amazing kitchen and a spacious bathroom for a coach that clocks in at under 20 feet. That is thanks in part to the Murphy Bed–which may or may not be deal breaker for some campers. If you don’t mind converting the couch into a bed every night this tiny trailer really does have it all. Or at least as much as you can get in a smaller rig!

Lance 1475 Travel Trailer ($40,000 to $67,000)

The Lance 1475 is an interesting alternative to the Grand Design AIM that is featured just above. Instead of a Murphy Bed you get a permanent East/West bed–and instead of a small dinette you can choose between a sofa or two cozy chairs. Lance has a great reputation for quality and this looks like a great option for a solo traveller or a couple who can keep things simple on the road.

Type 2 Campers T2.3 (Starting at $29,950)

This VW Van inspired trailer has a classic look and vibe that will turn heads at the campground. It is also incredibly lightweight and can be towed by a wide variety of vehicles–including EVs. Choose from five body colors (including Mouse Grey and Dove Blue) and one of three floorplan variations. The roof pops up for plenty of headroom and the seating area converts into a comfortable bed. This camper may be cute–but its built with high quality materials and aircraft construction methods.

Campinawe Supersized Teardrops ($28,000 to $33,000)

The Campinawe has some of the most impressive storage we have ever seen in a teardrop style travel trailer–and the mudroom with additional seating atop a Yeti cooler is the cat’s meow. This is really a teardrop plus, or a teardrop on steroids–and it would make a great pick for a solo traveller or a couple that wants a tiny rig–but rolls with lots of outdoor gear. We could picture something like this in the RV Atlas driveway some day. For real–we are in awe!

Oliver Legacy Elite 1 ($85,000 to $102,000)

For Casita Dean May– the Oliver Legacy Elite 1 is “drop the mic” best in show picks when it comes to tiny trailers under 20 feet. The build quality on an Oliver is second-to-none–and it has the price tag to go along with it. The doubled-hulled fiberglass shell and aircraft grade aluminum frame chassis on the Oliver Legacy Elite 1 are pretty much bullet proof. If you want a camper that will last for decades and become a family heirloom–then save your money and take a good look at Oliver.

Taylor Coach ($32,000 to $36,000)

Can’t find the exact tiny trailer floorplan that you are looking for no matter where you look? Then let Brad Taylor from Taylor Coach build you the custom RV of your dreams–and when we say custom–we really mean CUSTOM! Casita Dean May thinks that purchasing a Taylor Coach is as close as you can come to purchasing an RV from family. This is a company that makes handcrafted products that are built to last for decades. If you don’t believe us just seek out one of their owners–many of which still have rigs in use that were built 20-years ago!

Jeremy’s Picks

Vistabule Teardrop Trailers (Starting at $23,995)

Is a Vistabule Teardrop Trailer an RV–or is it a work of art? Clearly it serves as both at once–with its perfect combination of form and function, and practicality and grace. The interior sleeping area is convertible into the best seating area we have seen in a teardrop–and the storage is also among the best in class. The rear kitchen galley is highly customizable and it looks like it was built by master craftsmen—because it was!

Rockwood OTG Pop Up Campers (R16OTG and R19OTG)

($6,200 to $9,000)

Rockwood has released a series of entry-level pop up campers known as the “Off the Ground” or “OTG” series. These are NO FRILLS pop up campers for 6-8k with few to no features. No furnace. No AC. No fridge. Hand cranked roof. These stripped down pop up campers are like something straight out of the 1960’s. We think it’s a brilliant idea. We also think the RV industry needs more affordable entry level products to rebuild the bridge to tent campers. They are plenty of them out there that literally may want to buy a new RV to get OFF THE GROUND. These two floorpans will definitely be a major upgrade from your Coleman tent!

Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB ($25,000 to $50,000)

The Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB is a very compact and practical trailer with a very unwieldy name. This is a baby toy hauler with a rear cargo door and plenty of interior room for gear items like bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and more. There is a couch on either side of the rear section of the Hike and a bunk bed above one of them. The bottom couches can be turned into a spacious bed–and there is a compact wet bath and an even more compact kitchen. This would be a great trailer for campers who love to bring adventure gear–but keep everything else on the minimalist side.

Barefoot Travel Trailer by nuCamp

If you are a camper that cares about aesthetics and wants a tiny trailer that is gorgeous on the inside and out–then look no further than the retro-chic Barefoot by nuCamp. Every inch of this trailer is thoughtfully designed and attractive to the eye and to the senses. Glampers will delight inside the posh and cozy interior and love all of the thoughtful and practical storage compartments. This tiny trailer is also big on natural light and provides its owners with splendid views of the natural world around them.

Forest River R-Pod 153C ($20,000 to $28,000)

The Forest River R-Pod 153C is quirky from back to front. The quirkiness starts with the rear entrance and ends with an unusual Murphy Bed setup at the front of the coach. In-between those two things is everything you will need to be comfortable on the road–including a practical kitchenette and a comfortable sofa on the camp side. We know so many R-Pod owners that love their rigs–and this one has us falling in love with R-Pod too. We would love to test this one out on a quick weekend trip without the kids.

The RV Atlas Podcast
24 Tiny Trailers That We Love in 2024 (Part 2)

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