6 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for the Camping and RVing Mom

6 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for the Camping and RVing Mom

Mother’s Day gifts for the camping mom can be a little tricky. You want to get her something that she will love and use, but it should also be something a little bit special or ‘extra’ as we like to say. So here are six items that this particular camping mom absolutely loves and thinks would be perfectly well received by the special lady in your life that holds it all together.

1. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses by Modern Innovations

Fragile wineglasses and a campsite full of kids don’t mix at all. But mom is way too special to drink her nectar of the gods out of a red solo cup. This isn’t college anymore, people. These wineglasses are pretty and unbreakable…the perfect combo for active moms.

2. Pilot G2 Gel Pen and Moleskines

Some moms are all about the technology, keeping lists and notes on their various devices. But other moms are a little more old fashioned, preferring journals and great quality pens that write with that perfect glide.

3. Roadfood

This book is the gift that keeps on giving, since you can keep it in your RV or car and find amazing road food gems no matter where you travel in the country. If the mom in your life is a self-proclaimed foodie, this is a perfect gift.

4. Northface Recon Backpack for Women

Not too big, not too small, this backpack is the perfect size for the mom that has to bring along the necessities, but doesn’t want to feel like a pack mule.

5. Cabela’s Rainy River Parka

This Gortex raincoat is functional and stylish, available in jeweled-tone colors that will pop against a cloudy sky if you are looking for those awesome Instagram pics. It will also keep you bone dry, without making you feel like you are taking a steam bath inside the rain coat.

6. Cabela’s Camp Rocker

Moms need as many opportunities to relax as possible, and a camp rocking chair will give them that Zen relaxation they are so desperate for. The sturdy steel frame will hold up to all the little ones piling onto her lap, and the lifetime warranty will be helpful if the kids break it. Because they break everything.

Contrary to popular belief, mom can have nice things. But it’s up to you dads to make sure she gets them. Take a listen to Girl Camper Episode #81 to hear even more great Mother’s Day gifts for the camping mom. You can also check out our other gear guides for even more gift ideas!

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Nancy Lemons

    This is too late for the ode to the popup, but I wanted to share a few of my memories of camping. A little background first. As I was growing up my mom, dad, brother and I camped often (super hot canvas tents that leaked – usually on me.) We had to wake up every few hours to blow up our air mattresses. I was about 2 years old and afraid of frog noises. My mother said I wouldn’t let my feet touch the ground because the frogs would get me and when she held me I held my legs straight out in front. We were camping at Big Bend, probably in July heat and my brother actually tried to fry an egg on a rock. (I don’t think it worked.)

    Shoot ahead about 24 years and find me camping with my own family of 4. We started in a tent, traveling from south of Houston, Texas, to the New England States. I was quickly ready to move up. We found a repossessed popup, very small and very basic. No bathroom or sink. We had to fill up a plastic tub to wash dishes. I believe it had a small stove, though. But we used that popup until my kids were around 8 or so. We would strap all our bikes to the top of the popup and away we went. We went from south Texas to Big Bend and then up to Yellowstone and the Tetons that way.

    One great memory was when we stayed at the Amistad Reservoir in a nearly empty camping area. One night the moon was full and there was a nice breeze. I was the only one awake and when I looked out and down through the screen I saw the most beautiful skunk I had ever seen. The moon made his white stripe seem almost fluorescent in contrast to the blackness of the rest of his body. This skunk was right under my nose so I didn’t want to take the change to wake anyone up. Wish I had a camera. The skunk ambled on out of the campsite and I was left amazed at the experience.

    Another night in the popup we watched a couple of raccoons expertly climb up and nimbly remove the covers (which were latched down) to a couple of steel trash cans looking for food.

    We wore that popup out. The lifting mechanism broke. Climbing around inside the collapsed tent of a canvas popup in July in order to get it cranked up and in the middle of a vacation is not fun.

    After that we found a used 13′ camper that had hale damage and looked like it had chicken pocks. A few more campers later and another 25 years we are now in a 33′ 2014 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 282BHIS. We’ve been on two weekend trips and in July will be traveling southeast from the Houston area back up towards New England again. This time we will be quite a bit more comfortable. My husband and I are 75 and 65 now and our daughter and her 3 kids (1 yr., 3 yrs. and 7 yrs.) and our son will be traveling with us. Years have come and gone but we are still camping and loving it.

    I hope this wasn’t too long for you, but I enjoyed relaying some of our camping experiences. I could go on and on.

    Your podcast is fabulous and accompanies me, and now my son also, on our 1-1/2 hr. (one way) commute into Houston for work every day. Can’t wait for our July vacation. We’re coming your way.

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Thank you so much for sharing your story! It’s always inspirational to hear from the people who tune in every week. What a wonderful tradition you have built with your family. Have an amazing camp season!!!


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