Eating Our Way Through Brattleboro, Vermont

We are basically eating and drinking our way through Vermont, and that was just not the plan at all.

When we started to travel with infants four years ago, we gave up all of the nice restaurants and upscale wineries and fancy cheese shops. Those days will return, no doubt, and I will once again have amazing paella while gazing out at the water in Newport Beach, Rhode Island.

But for now, I religiously pack the pantry with all of our staples like oatmeal and tuna fish. Then I meal plan for all of our dinners because the last thing anyone wants to deal with is the question of what is for dinner when you are hauling around two preschoolers and an infant.


I was planning on hiking, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. But so far I have been eating.

First there were the apple cider donuts that Jeremy brought back one morning from Mocha Joe’s in downtown Brattleboro. Then later that morning we picked blueberries. We ate our fair share right there in the field, and then decided that we just simply must make a pie.

There was a visit to Putney Diner for lunch, and a return to Curtis’ BBQ for dinner.



But what really got me in the mood–the real I simply cannot stop buying and eating local delicacies mood– was our visit to Grafton Village Cheese Co. where the endless supply of samples leads one to purchase endless amounts of local cheese, chocolates, and wine.


Back at the campsite, we topped our burgers with blue cheese cheddar spread and some jalapeño jelly bought at a local church festival. And then because I was starving around the campfire that night, I had to have the Extra Spicy Horseradish Cheddar Spread on Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps topped with Habanero Mango Jam.

I have no pictures of the deliciously prepared food because when you are picnicking with four children and an infant, you do not admire and photograph the food…you eat it. Fast.

The baby weight is just melting away…

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