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11 Nov
Home Again, Home Again: 6 Tips for Unpacking the RV

Home Again, Home Again: 6 Tips for Unpacking the RV

It’s no one’s favorite part about RV travel, but trips come to an end, and unpacking the RV is a reality we must all face. Last spring, on Episode #36 of the podcast, we talked about strategies for packing the RV. That was a very popular episode, and more than one listener emailed us and said, What about unpacking tips, huh? Huh? Well, we put it off for awhile, because…unpacking. Sure, it’s necessary. But it’s also kinda sad. The trip is over, all the laundry is dirty, and nobody ate the leftovers from that... Read More
03 Sep
RV Organization: Restocking through the Season

RV Organization: Restocking through the Season

About a year ago, I was working on a RV packing article and reached out to some well-traveled acquaintances for their best tips. One of the greatest pieces of advice came from a friend of mine who spends a ton of time on the road as a touring musician. Allie told me that she always restocks her toiletries kit right away when she gets home from a trip. This way she knows exactly what she is low on and isn’t scrambling around and forgetting things before she leaves on her next trip. Brilliant and simple, right? How many of us forget what... Read More

RV Organization: Our Old Problems and Some New Principles

About two weeks ago, I shared a post about my frustration with getting (and keeping) our RV organized. After two years of good intentions, I decided to get serious and call in an expert. Yvonne Moss showed up with her measuring tape and smart phone, inspecting every inch of the camper, and firing questions at me about our family habits and trouble spots. This is going to be an ongoing project for us, and I will only share a ‘tip’ or ‘idea’ if we actually tested it and it kept us more organized on the road. As a family... Read More

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