RV Organization: We Are Calling In An Expert

We spend so much time in our RV, you might think we had the whole organization thing down. Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let me explain how this works. The whole time we are on vacation I take note of all of the things that are out of order and driving me crazy. I swear that I will find solutions and get things under control…as soon as we get home. Then we get home and I start worrying about work and regular old life with three kids. The camper sits in the driveway, dreadfully neglected until we are ready to hit the road again.

This spring I started to get really annoyed about this cycle. I decided that the only way I would ever break it would be to call in reinforcements. So I begged the assistance of Yvonne Moss, a general life-coach blogger whose junk drawer is probably more organized than any part of my house. I knew she would whip my RV mess into shape right quick.

I had hoped to get a few ideas from her about the kitchen and the wardrobes, our two main trouble spots in the RV. However, I ended up getting a lot more. Yvonne went through every inch of my camper, pulling out drawers, opening cabinets, and taking measurements faster than I could write them down.

Initially I thought I would do one before-and-after blog entry on my attempt to bring order to chaos, At the end of our “counseling” session, though, I had way too many tips and projects for just one article.

So I decided I would blog about it the same way projects actually get done in our life–bit by bit. I did a few things before we left for Cape Cod, and I am very excited to share them later this week.

So stay tuned for the Lively Little Camper’s Great RV Organization Project. Hopefully it will be easy, fun, and kid-friendly, just like all of our other trips!

Next up: very honest before pictures!

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