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01 Mar
Wanna Camp with Kiddos and have a good time? Respect the Routine…

Wanna Camp with Kiddos and have a good time? Respect the Routine…

We went on our first long road trip with Max and Theo when they were not even three months old. We had no game plan; we did no research. Basically, we threw the boys in the car at 6:30 am and took off on a 13 hour drive. Learning to take care of twins is not an easy transition into parenthood, and the idea of staying home with them all summer seemed more painful than the idea of travel, so away we went. Ten months later, we bought our first camper and committed ourselves to learning how to explore the world with our children. Now Max and Theo... Read More
17 Oct
Storming the White House…No Government Shutdown Here!

Storming the White House…No Government Shutdown Here!

As Stephanie mentioned in her last past, our trip to the Edwyn B. Forsythe Wildlife Preserve was a complete bust.  Largely because we did not know it was a NATIONAL preserve.  Thanks again Congress.  Your approval rating finally hit zero in our station wagon last Saturday. Stephanie also mentioned that after driving up to the barricaded gates we made a sensible parenting decision by deciding to take our three young boys to Atlantic City.  But what she did not mention is that we brought our complaints about the shutdown directly to the White... Read More
07 Oct
Making the Little Lies Count: Restaurant Tactics from the Campers

Making the Little Lies Count: Restaurant Tactics from the Campers

[space_80] Restaurant Tactics from the Lively Little Campers I have always been on the fence about the whole ‘lying to your kids’ thing. I’ve read all the articles and I get all the arguments. I know the experts advise direct and simple truths in the face of all questions. It sounds all good until your 3 year old asks you exactly how the doctor is going to help get baby Wesley out. I figure by the time they are ready for that direct truth, it will be someone else telling it, and I’m just fine with that. On the flip... Read More

Campfire Cuisine Giveaway (You can use this in the regular kitchen,too)

A few weeks ago Stephanie reviewed a cookbook that she really loved called Campfire Cuisine published by the adventurous Quirk Books.  She found the recipes to be excellent both for camping and for home.  Here is a quote from her review: Campfire Cuisine doesn’t just appeal to me as a ‘camper’, it also serves as a great resource for weekday meal planning. Even if you are not now (or ever!) heading out in the RV, you could use the make ahead tips for the nights you have to get dinner on the table fast. I reached out to Quirk... Read More

Campfire Cuisine, by Robin Donovan (this is for you kitchen dwellers, too)

Honestly, I rolled my eyes when my husband handed me this book. Four years ago, when we first started camping with the boys, I did a little research on ‘camping’ recipes. It wasn’t like I was planning on cooking over the campfire or anything…two babies on a campsite kept us busy enough without having to worry about open flames and charred meat. I was just looking for some tips for planning simple meals that traveled well. I quickly found out that if you search for camping recipes you basically find recipes for stews or... Read More

Thank You Vermont. We Can’t Wait to Come Back.

We came home from Vermont over two weeks ago, but part of me still feels like I’m there.   It was one of my favorite road trips of all time–and I’ve been on a few.  Here are my top ten reasons for still wanting to say thank you to Vermont: 1.  For your family friendly hikes and swims filled with beauty and adventure. 2.  For your underrated roadside barbecue joints.  Vermont, the South has nothing on you! 3.  For making me feel like Wordsworth ambling around the Lake District on golden summer days.  I’ll take... Read More

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