Where’s Your Winter Wander-land? Breaking out of the Cabin…

We’ve been in a deep freeze up here in the NorthEast and, if your children are anything like mine, things are starting to get a little loopy in the house. I measure my boys’ pent up energy in karate chops per minute and the number has been rising rapidly.

So when I saw the forecast for tomorrow, I got excited. It is so easy to settle into ‘inside mode’ during the winter. You can forget that 50 degrees actually feels quite comfortable if you are bundled up and the sun is shining.


Jeremy and I watch our weekend weather reports like hawks. If we see a 45 or above, we consider it a little gift from the universe and plan on enjoying the day outside. The boys can run and be wild and loud without me having to suffer in some germ-ridden plastic play den. Us adults can usually enjoy a nice conversation while walking or sitting on a bench in the sun. Everyone returns home a little less cranky and a little more relaxed.

It helps to have your winter go-to spots. The places that bring a bit of beauty to a barren winter landscape. Places that offer a lot of sunshine and maybe some protection from the wind. We like long paths where the boys can run far ahead and still stay in sight.


One of our favorite winter wander-land destinations is Cattus Island down in the Barnegat Bay Area of Ocean County, New Jersey. Marshes that are buggy and humid in the summer are perfect for winter walks.


There used to be a great learning center there as well, but it hasn’t reopened since Sandy. We like to pack a lunch and end our time there with a picnic at the playground. Seriously, eat a sandwich outside during February and see how good it makes you feel.

Knowing where you want to go when that temperature hits bearable makes you far more likely to throw your kids in the car and chase after a bit of fresh air.  I guarantee you will all like each other a bit more one your vitamin D levels increase.


Happy winter wandering.


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