Storming the White House…No Government Shutdown Here!

Storming the White House…No Government Shutdown Here!

As Stephanie mentioned in her last past, our trip to the Edwyn B. Forsythe Wildlife Preserve was a complete bust.  Largely because we did not know it was a NATIONAL preserve.  Thanks again Congress.  Your approval rating finally hit zero in our station wagon last Saturday.

Stephanie also mentioned that after driving up to the barricaded gates we made a sensible parenting decision by deciding to take our three young boys to Atlantic City.  But what she did not mention is that we brought our complaints about the shutdown directly to the White House.  The campers are always willing to fight the good fight and stand up for what is right.  Especially when the subs are this good…


President Obama was nowhere to be found, but President Clinton’s picture was on the wall!  That guy knew how to negotiate with Republicans, and he also knew how to enjoy a great submarine sandwich.  Stephanie and I ordered a whole White House Special (pictured above) and the boys split a tuna.  As we dug into our our absolutely scrumptious, perfectalicious sandwiches our government shutdown blues began to fade away.  The bread was fresh baked, and the cold cuts were thick, but not too thick, and abundantly flavorful.  But it is the diced peppers and onions that really take things over the top at this White House, where their sandwich approval rating hits 100 percent on a daily basis.  The “Special” is so much more than a submarine.  It is a metaphor for everything that is good and wholesome and historical about the Jersey Shore.  Eating one of these monsters fills up your stomach and your heart.  Monopoly anyone?

After lunch at their Taj Mahal location (The original White House Submarines is on Arctic Avenue) everyone wanted to take a nap…


But we decided to hit the boards and burn off some calories instead.  The weather was cloudy and cool, with raindrops here and there, but it was still a lovely afternoon for a stroll.


And for checking out sandcastles…


And for playing on the beach and watching the seagulls fly by…


And for snuggling with the Wes Man…


The boys even enjoyed the view from the parking garage as we packed the car to head home….
It was not the day that we had planned and imagined.  But when you have kids, planning and imagining often just get you out the door.  And that’s more than okay.  The fun often starts where the barricades begin.

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