Home Again, Home Again: 6 Tips for Unpacking the RV

It’s no one’s favorite part about RV travel, but trips come to an end, and unpacking the RV is a reality we must all face. Last spring, on Episode #36 of the podcast, we talked about strategies for packing the RV. That was a very popular episode, and more than one listener emailed us and said, What about unpacking tips, huh? Huh?

Well, we put it off for awhile, because…unpacking.

Sure, it’s necessary. But it’s also kinda sad. The trip is over, all the laundry is dirty, and nobody ate the leftovers from that amazing Dutch oven stew so you have to throw it all out.

So we finally tackled the topic in a mini-segment on this week’s podcast. You can hear us talk through our process by listening to the episode here. But this is a cheat sheet for those of you who like lists…

unpacking the rv

1.All Hands on Deck.

We have learned it is so important to involve our children in every stage of our travel. We give them jobs when packing, while at the campground, and when we return home. One of the best lessons we can teach our children is that cleaning up is part of having fun. We are also teaching basic life skills. Win/Win.

2. Use the Camping World Pop Up Bins.

Sort camper laundry and house laundry before you even bring it into the house. Do all of your camper laundry–sheets, blankets, and towels–in a load together and then return right away to the RV.

Ready for a renegade idea? Do your laundry before you come home, taking advantage of the campground laundromat. I know that sounds kooky, but I love loading up 3 washing machines and getting it all done quickly, then returning home with clean clothes.

3. Establish a Camper Return spot in the house.

Sometimes items that belong in the RV end up in the house during the unpacking process. Have a designated spot in the house to put any bowls, serving spoons, or linens that need to go back out to the RV. The next time you are heading outside, grab the items and return them to the camper.

4. Restock right away.

Refer to your camper white board, checklist, or phone app to see what you ran out of on the trip. Need shampoo? Put it in the RV right now. This isn’t always possible, but it makes packing for the next trip a breeze.

5. Remove all traces of food and debris.

Some people like to leave their camper pantry stocked for the season. No. Have you heard the stories of squirrels, mice, and ants? If not, just go online and visit some forums. The risk is not worth the convenience. If you want to keep your RV pantry items separate and easy to repack, buy a large tupperware bin, load it with your pantry items, and store in your house until the next trip.

And vacuum. Yes…under the sofa, too.

6. Do NOT sit down before you are done. If you do, game over. You’re toast.

We don’t always follow all of our own rules, but feel so rewarded when we do. And when we finally sit down to relax, we know the only thing to worry about is planning the next RV trip. Game on.

See you at the campground!

Stephanie and Jeremy

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