RV Winterization: Preparing Your RV For Winter Storage

RV Winterization: Preparing Your RV For Winter Storage

rv winter storage

It’s the time of year when many campers across the northern part of the United States quietly weep as they undergo the annual tradition of RV winterization and storage. Some folks are smart enough to pack up and head south. The rest of us aren’t so lucky.

If you want to enjoy next camping season to the fullest, make sure that you properly prepare your RV for winter storage. This takes more than just blowing out the water lines and adding antifreeze. In fact, in our very unscientific research, more people experience damage over the winter months from invasive critters than from water.

Don’t worry…we have you covered on all fronts. A couple of months ago we had experts Lazlo and Julie Sears from the Quality Mobile RV Repair in Texas to talk to us about properly winterizing your travel trailer or motorized RV.

We also wrote an article for Progressive’s Lifelanes blog on all the other stuff you have to do to make sure you RV stays comfy cozy over the cold, winter months.

Are you one of those people who leaves a bottle of shampoo in the medicine cabinet? Tsk. Tsk.

Or maybe you have avoided buying one of those RV covers because of the added expense. (Time to make the investment.)

We talk about why it’s the little things that will ensure your RV emerges from hibernation ready for spring adventures. Here is your cheat sheet…

prepare your rv winter storage

Remember, an RV is more like a home than a car. Extra care in the maintenance department is going to pay huge dividends when it comes to enjoying many camping seasons with your loved ones.

We’ll see you (and your well-maintained RV) at the campground!


  1. DeanCHS1980

    Hey S&J,

    Let’s see:

    1. Vacuum until it hurts. In our Casita that means the walls and ceiling, not the floors! Check.

    2. Scrub fridge. Check.

    3. Plumbing winterized with air compressor and the pink stuff. Check.

    4. Cover your tires. I ALWAYS cover my tires unless we are traveling. Check.

    5. Use an RV cover. Check.

    Looks like we are good to go! Or, not go in the case of winterization. ;(

    Take care,


    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Good work, Dean. We wouldn’t expect anything less that perfection.


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