Truck Campers Galore! 7 Used Models from 12K to 49K (RV Trader Monthly Roundup)

Are you shopping for used truck campers? Then look no further. In this month’s RV Trader roundup we are featuring 7 fun and adventurous truck campers from approximately 12K to 49K. Some are luxurious and comfortable inside and some are rugged and ready to go off-grid at a moment’s notice. All of them are reasonably priced and worth checking out.

We are big fans of truck campers here at the RV Atlas for a variety of reasons. They are nimble and easy to maneuver compared to many towable RVs, yet they can be surprisingly residential and feature packed on the inside. This roundup includes terrific models from Lance, Northern Lite, nüCamp, Scout Campers, and many more. Without further ado let’s dive in and take a look at these eight amazing used truck campers.

1. Used 2021 Palomino Rogue EB-1 ($12,500)

This pop top truck camper by Palomino feels spacious inside with the roof up–but is still usable with the roof down in colder climates or if you are stealth camping. The old roof on this unit had a skylight that leaked–but the entire roof was replaced and the unit is completely watertight now. This Rogue is ready for off-grid adventures and comes with 250 watts total of solar “with an additional 150w panel custom mounted on the roof rack.” If you are looking for a budget-friendly entry into the world of truck camping this may be your ticket.

Click here for the complete listing from RV Trader.

2. Used 2020 Palomino Backpack SS 500 ($16,000)

This soft-sided truck camper (also by Palomino) can fit a compact truck and will provide a comfortable respite after a long day of fishing or surfing at the beach. The compact indoor kitchen with sink and two-burner stove is perfect for cooking up the day’s catch and the u-shaped dinette offers comfortable seating to share the meal with your travel companion. The windows in the pop top will fill the interior with light and bring the outside to the inside of your camper.

Learn more about the Palomino from the listing at RV Trader right here.

3. Used 2022 Grumpy Bear Campers Koda D ($24,999)

If you are looking for a truck camper that is lightweight and ready for any adventure then you will definitely want to check out this truck camper from Grumpy Bear Campers. It may look small on the outside, but it comfortably sleeps three on the inside with a small kitchenette to boot! The light-colored interior also makes the unit feel bigger inside than it actually is–as do the windows on the front of the bed.

To find out more click here.

4. Used 2022 nüCamp Cirrus 620 ($25,999)

nüCamp makes gorgeous travel trailers with a devoted following that is incredibly loyal to the brand. Their truck campers are also known for great quality and pride of craftsmanship. This beautiful truck camper is packed with features-including, an “Alde Hydronic Heat & Hot Water System, a 9200 BTU roof air conditioning unit, 210-watt solar panels mounted on top, a 7′ motorized awning, a microwave, a backup camera, a cassette toilet w/5 gal internal tank, a 12V Dometic compressor refrigerator/freezer, a Froli Sleep System, a stargazer window, a Lagun Table System” and so much more!

To find out more about the robust list of features in this standout truck camper, please click here.

5. Used 2023 Scout Truck Camper YOHO ($31,000)

If this well-equipped and lightweight truck camper from Scout does not make you want to hit the open road and explore America’s backroads and byways–then we don’t know what will. The current owner spent four months exploring the American west and never once plugged into shore power. The solar system on this rig did the job and more! The clearview bunk windows fill this truck camper with natural light. A feature that many of its competitors are lacking. This truck camper also has a sleek, modern look that will appear to younger campers in search of adventure.

To see a complete list of the features in this YOHO please click here.

6. Used 2021 8-11 LE Northern Lite Truck Camper ($48,000)

If the rugged off-grid look and feel of the Scout truck camper listed above is not your cup of tea–then check out the residential interior on this 8-11 LE by Northern Lite. This is truck camper luxury at its most refined and opulent. The interior design is cozy and comfortable and packed with features. But this refined beauty is also more than well-equipped for off-grid adventures with a robust solar package that you can read about here. This truck camper will take you anywhere you want to go–and it will take you there in style.

7. Used 2021 Lance 1172 Long Bed ($49,000)

Lance is probably the most famous name in the truck camper game–and it’s easy to see why. Their quality is off-the-hook and they pack in all of the features and options you could possibly want. The current owner is upgrading to a Class C motorhome and is definitely sad to see this beauty go. This is a true four season camper with lithium batteries and more features that you can read about here.

Which truck camper do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!




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