RVFTA #99 Summer Road Trip Wrap Up

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RVFTA #99 Summer Road Trip Wrap Up

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RVFTA #99 Summer Road Trip Wrap Up

Summer Road Trip Wrap Up

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are hashing out our recent road trip and dishing on the highs, the lows, the successes, and the lessons learned.

Here are some of the stats mentioned in the News Roundup:

23 nights

5 States

6 campgrounds and a Cabelas parking lot.

One deep cycle battery toasted

One new F150 tested

23 television interviews in four hours

9 podcasts produced and uploaded from the road

14 lobster rolls devoured

19 whales spotted

7 bags of coffee purchased

One national park visited

One national seashore visited

One national historic site visited

3 toddler meltdowns per day

12 hikes completed

How did the new F150 perform? How did we manage our tiny terror of a toddler? Were we happy with our balance of public and private campgrounds? Did we manage to drive hundreds of miles with three kids and still retain our sanity?

Plus, we review the Slackers 50 foot slack line set from Cabela’s, which was a huge hit for all the kids (and adults) at the campground. This particular product come with 50 feet of 2 inch webbing and a 1 inch webbing teaching line. It also comes with a nifty sack for storage. This slack line kept our kids entertained for hours, and we love the addition of simply, active, engaging campsite fun.

Slack line

You might think that we have this road-tripping gig all figured out. But we know that there are always lessons to be learned from family travel. This is Episode #99 Summer Road Trip Wrap Up

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