RVFTA #83: Becoming a Weekend Warrior, Part One

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RVFTA #83: Becoming a Weekend Warrior, Part One

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RVFTA #83: Becoming a Weekend Warrior, Part One

RV Weekend Warriors

On Episode #83 we are giving you the tools to become a fierce RV Weekend Warrior. Our listeners are constantly telling us that they want to camp more. So this week we are sharing our best tips for spending weekends at the campground with as little fuss as possible.

We share 7 tips that help us make the most out of our quick weekend getaways, from planning to packing to choosing your trip activities. Then next week, on Part 2, we will zoom in on the biggest stumbling block for most RVers…the food. Tune in next Friday to Episode #84 for our personal weekend food hacks, plus an interview with the CEO of Fireside Provisions.

Plus, we will share two of our recent weekend warrior adventures. Our first trip of the season took us south to Annapolis and Washington DC. Then last weekend we went about 15 miles up the road to Turkey Swamp Park to celebrate a birthday at the campground with friends.

To hear more about the locations mentioned, check out the following podcasts:

We also mentioned a previous blog post on tips for unpacking, Home Again, Home Again: 6 Tips for Unpacking the RV.

You might think you are limited to a two week camping trip every year. But we know that you can up your campground game by becoming a well-trained weekend warrior. Take a listen to Episode #83: Becoming a Weekend Warrior, Part 1.

This episode is sponsored by Progressive Insurance, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, Campers Inn RV, and RVTrader.com. Thank you so much to our partners for supporting content for RV enthusiasts everywhere!



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