RVFTA #82: RV Makeover 101 with The Pop Up Princess!

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #82: RV Makeover 101 with The Pop Up Princess!

RV Makeover 101

On this week’s episode we are kicking off the 2016 camping season in style, bringing you a fantastic interview with Larissa Richardson, better known as the Pop Up Princess. Larissa has achieved royal status in the world of RV makeovers, and she is going to give us five tips for making some big changes in your camper.

Just four years ago, Larissa and her family decided to take a break from Disney vacations and check out some national parks. After setting up and breaking down the tent a bunch of times, they decided they liked camping but wanted to get off the ground. They found an affordable pop up camper that needed a whole lotta work, and the Pop Up Princess blog was born.

Well, we couldn’t be happier that she is sharing her experiences on this episode. In addition to doing amazing things with paint and a staple gun, Larissa also offers an inspiring example of what can happen when families decide to get a little bit adventurous.

pop up princess campsite

Even more impressive–even though her three kids are teenagers, she is still dragging them on family vacations around the country in the pop up camper…whether they like it or not.

pop up princess travel

That’s a parenting philosophy we can get behind.

Plus, you all know that Stephanie has been barred from making any permanent mods in our family travel trailer, but this year she has tackled an RV makeover anyway. Listen to her simple tips for breathing some new style into your RV, even if you aren’t allowed to hang up curtains.

You might think you are stuck with 50 shades of RV brown. But we know that you can tackle a makeover without putting a single hole in your precious camper. You are listening to Episode #82: RV Makeover 101 with the Pop Up Princess!

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The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #82: RV Makeover 101 with The Pop Up Princess!

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