RVFTA #78: Camping with Family and Friends

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RVFTA #78: Camping with Family and Friends

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RVFTA #78: Camping with Family and Friends

Camping with Family and Friends

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about Camping with Family and Friends. RVs make it much easier to share vacations with loved ones since communal campfire areas and private family spaces would seem to be the perfect combination.

However, things can turn sour if everyone is not on the same page with planning, food, and activities. Listen to hear our top 5 tips for Camping with Family and Friends.

In our News Roundup segment we do our very favorite thing and announce a GIVEAWAY!!! Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard of technomadia.com and RVMobileInternet.com have just released a new edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook. They have graciously offered to give two free copies and a free Mobile Internet Aficionados to a few lucky RVFTA listeners. Head over to our Instagram gallery to tag a friend and enter the contest!

Plus, we have a really fun media recommendation this week. If you are into RVs, history, and wacky YouTube videos, you have got to check out the Historical Airstream Videos, which document the Wally Byam club caravan trips from 50 years ago.

You might think that planning RV trips with your buddies is a walk in the park. But we know that without a healthy dose of communication it might just rain on your communal vacation. You are listening to Episode #78: Camping with Family and Friends!


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  1. legalwood

    You perfectly summed up the basic rules and understandings that must be had to camp with friends and even more so with family. (Friends are usually on their best behavior while family is beyond such niceties.) We have taken many trips with others and there can be a lot of unnecessary stress if everyone isn’t on the same page. Meals and campfires can be the best way to gather together as a group but still do your own thing that meets your family’s needs on the trip.


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