RVFTA #75: Meet the Crickets!

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RVFTA #75: Meet the Crickets!

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RVFTA #75: Meet the Crickets!

Meet the Crickets! blog

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are introducing you to the Cricket, an awesome adventure basecamp manufactured by Taxa, Inc., a company that is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to lightweight travel trailers. We interviewed Mike Shepard, Taxa’s East Coast manufacturer’s rep who will help us understand why the Cricket is in a class by itself.

Cricket Trailer

cricket trailer bed


And speaking of adventure basecamps, we really want one for ourselves. So we thought this would be the perfect time to share our 5 reasons why we are seriously considering getting a 2nd RV. From rental opportunities to girl camping getaways, there are plenty of arguments to be made for bringing on another little camper. We honestly have no idea how this will unfold, and we are hashing it out on the air. Side bets are perfectly accessible.

We have an expanded news round up on this episode, including a discussion of some comments and questions we received after last week’s show on Booking the Perfect Campground. Plus we remind everyone to check out other recent campground posts, including:

We also announce the 5 winners of the Good Sam Travel and Savings Guide, and introduce a new feature, Forum Topic of the Week. A member of the forum asked how everyone kept track of future camping destination wish lists and she got some awesome responses that we just had to share.

You might think that one RV in every driveway is the great American dream. But we wouldn’t mind having a few options on deck when planning our next great getaway. You are listening to Episode #75: Meet the Crickets!

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  1. AnnKola

    Hi Guys – Enjoyed hearing about the Cricket this week. It’s an interesting concept, although I am leaning more toward a molded fiberglass RV such as a Scamp or Casita. With regard to the episode title, Jeremy, did you know that John Lennon’s inspiration for the band’s name was Buddy Holly and the Crickets? Lennon, of course, added the little pun with “Beat”. Look forward to seeing Stephanie – and perhaps your new rig – at Camp Like a Girl in May!

  2. Debbie W

    Great chat on campgrounds!! I feel like you are my voice! Your ideas are so ME! Reserve America is terrible?! Also I too am a visual person! Love my maps. ? I have maps up on my walls!

    I recently found out 2hrs too late that the campground we wanted to visit on our trip to Glacier changed their 1st come to reservations….?… Sold out in two hours. Another Reserve America or park campground frustration.

    Love you guys:)

    Weather here in Denver is giving me Spring fever! 70 yesterday! Last week has been warm n sunny!???

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Oh, Debbie that is sooooo frustrating. I’m sorry! Do you have a back up in mind? (And I will forgive you for mentioning 70 degree weather as we are suffering in single digits this weekend…)

  3. Gail Crawford Bable

    Loved the podcast! It’s always great to have two RV’s. We actually have three. We have one for camp hosting for 7 months of the year, (a 31 foot 2004 5th wheel), one for girl camping (our 28 foot, 1967 Avion) and we have a 1977 Coachman that we keep on three acres in the PA mourtains that we stay in while building our retirement home). We’ve managed to get them all at really low prices, restored them and use all three often. You will love the freedom that extra camper can give! Can’t wait to meet you in West Virginia, I’m so glad you are coming.

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      What a fleet! Love the diversity, and the uses. See you in West Virginia:-)

  4. DeanCHS1980

    Hi AnnKola,

    Molded fiberglass rigs are all that plus tax and a bag of chips!!! 🙂 Love Casitas and Scamps as well as Olivers, Escapes, and Big Foots along with a number of other vintage fiberglass rigs (U-Haul, Burro, Boler, Eco, etc.).


  5. DeanCHS1980


    Would love to see pictures of the ’67 Avion!!! You should post some pictures on the forum.

    Take care,


  6. DeanCHS1980

    Stephanie and Jeremy,

    Laura and I listened to the podcast #RVFTA #75: Meet the Crickets this morning. As usual, LOVED it. Crickets are so COOL. Super excited about the potential of a 2nd rig. Since I am spending your money, here is my 2 cents (in no particular order):

    OK, I am thinking 15 to 21 feet and under 3,000 lbs, preferably 2,000 range. I assume you are OK without a full bathroom, but I will still lean that direction. . .

    1. Scamp 16′ Standard Layout 4 (sleeps four with bathroom)*
    2. Scamp 16′ Standard Layout 7 (sleeps five with no bathroom, would need cassette toilet for closet).*
    3. Riverside Retro 177SE
    4. Safari Condo F Series 1743
    5. Vintage Cruiser 19ERD
    6. Winnebago Minnie Drop (choose your favorite floorplan)
    7. Forest River R-Pod (choose your favorite floorplan)
    8. T@B (choose your favorite floorplan)
    9. Taylor Travel Trailers (made in Canada, traditional sticky, but highly customizable and lightweight), but since they are handbuilt, I am guessing a waiting time. Great You-Tube videos.

    *Unfortunately, most molded fiberglass rigs are solid via direct manufacturing, so you would have to order one and most will have waiting times of 3 months up to 18 months (Escapes).

    Tough choices:

    1. Most durable (for renting) – Scamp
    2. Best for Romantic Weekends – T@B
    3. Most chic – Safari Condo
    4. Most practical to meet all needs – Taylor Coach
    5. Girl Camper Vintage – Riverside Retro or Vintage Cruiser
    6. Easiest to get quickly – R-Pod or Minnie Drop (large manufacturers)

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

    As a Casita owner, I “heart” tiny trailers! Whoops, that is a different RVFTA episode!


    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Dean, Rest assured if the RVFTA Podcast Network is ever in need of a staff researcher, we now know who to headhunt! Love the list, and yes, some of your suggestions are on the shortlist!!!

  7. DeanCHS1980

    Hi Stephanie and Jeremy,

    I have been reading Small Trailer Enthusiast tonight. . .


    Great little electronic newsletter.

    I was reading an older article about the Safari Condo trailers. VERY SWEET. If I were to wander from my current love affair with small fiberglass rigs, a Safari Condo F1743 would be quite a temptation! 😉

    Given it is from Quebec and a bit nouveau, maybe not the best choice in terms of rental (service, repairs, etc.). But, very modern, yet outdoorsy!


    P.S. – On the other, I would can easily talk myself into any of the others on my list or your list!

  8. legalwood

    Went to the Springfield RV Camping & Outdoor expo today and spent some time falling in love with tiny trailers, particularly the t@b. In my head, I was working through the math to have a second trailer… I’ve determined that Stephanie & Jeremy are either really bad influences or they think just like me- which may be the same thing after all. I say they get that second trailer!!

  9. AnnKola

    Hi Dean,

    Loved your take on the FGRVs. It amazes me how quickly used ones get snatched up – within hours! What do you know about Trilliums? I know they used to be made in the US (as well as still in Canada) with the old molds. Seems like a “sleeper” in this market.

    I can’t wait until I make a decision and own something! All this mental deliberation is driving me crazy.

    Happy Trails,

  10. DeanCHS1980

    Hi Ann,

    Trilliums are great FG rigs. They are a popular vintage egg camper. Yup, their ownership split at some point with some being manufactured in Canada and others in the U.S. (Arizona), I believe.

    There is sub-forum on fiberglassrv.com devoted to Trilliums.

    There is also a guy in Alabama that specializes in restoring Trilliums. He posts them for sale on the above website as well.

    Love molded fiberglass RVs!



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